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The Superuser
London Photo Challenge

Photography highlights from the Samsung Community event.

Statue of a lion in London

One of the world's most visited cities, London has something for everyone. And with a thriving culture, stunning architecture and rich history, it’s the perfect place to practice your photography.

We love London so much that we invited 18 of our Samsung Community Superusers from across Europe to participate in the Superuser London Photo Challenge, an event held as part of S10 Unpacked in late February this year. The lucky participants were split into 5 teams and given a Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone to locate famous London landmarks and complete photo challenges. They photographed famous buildings including The Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral, and famous icons including the London Underground logo. See below for their photography highlights.

Two people looking at their smartphones
The Shard in London at night
A closeup of someone taking a photo of a London bus
Looking up at St Pauls cathedral
St Pauls cathedral spire across the London skyline
A montage of photos of street art
Trafalgar square on a sunny day
The River Thames with The Shard in the distance
A group of people infront of London Bridge

See more about the Superuser London Photo Challenge here.

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