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Ice-Cold Exotic Treats to Make This Summer

Delicious recipes for ice-cold treats that you don’t need to leave the country for.

Photo of a cocktail

Not sitting on a sunny beach this summer? Don’t sweat it. Staycation is the new Caribbean vacation… honest… and there’s only one thing you need in order to recreate the tropical vibes in the comfort of your own kitchen, for a fraction of the price.

It’s perpetual happy hour on holiday and in homes with the RS3000 fridge and freezer, from smoothies to slushies and ice lollies. Throwing a summer party? The plumbed ice dispenser adds to the pro-finish for magic mocktails, and when it comes to chilling warm bottles and plunging bags of frozen fruit for smoothies, the Power Freeze Function rapidly lowers the temperature when new items are added.

To give your staycation the summer flavour it needs, we’ve found you four, non-alcoholic, delectable treats you can easily make at home, using nothing but ingredients found in your local shop and the RS3000.

A selection of fruits beside a cocktail

Frozen mango margarita

You don’t need to travel all the way to Mexico to enjoy a proper margarita mocktail, especially with our frozen mango version. You can add a bit of tequila to this recipe if you feel like making it boozy, but it’s just as refreshing without. The best thing is, it’s an incredibly easy recipe to make as well. All you’ll need is:

1. A quarter cup of orange juice
2. A quarter cup of lime juice
3. Three teaspoons of honey
4. Half a cup of frozen mango
5. Three cups of crushed ice
6. Salt to line the glass rims
7. Two limes, sliced

Prepare two glasses by sliding a lime slice around the rims and dipping them in sea salt. Then blend the orange juice, lime juice, honey and frozen mango. After about 20 seconds, it should become a colourful, cool liquid. Add the crushed ice and blend for another ten seconds to mix it all together.

Then all you need to do is pour the margarita mix into the glasses and enjoy!

3 cocktails on a table placed next to a banana and cranberries

Tropical fruit smoothie

Creating a frozen fruit smoothie is a simple yet mouthwatering activity. Grab any fruit that suits your tastebuds and chuck it in a blender with some yoghurt and fruit juice. A few seconds of blending later and your frozen treat is ready for consumption:

1. Half a cup of apple juice (can be swapped for coconut milk if you want a creamier taste)
2. Two cups of frozen fruit (for a tropical flavour, try mango, banana, passion fruit and pineapple)
3. Three quarters of a cup of plain (or vanilla) Greek yoghurt

All you need to do to whizz up this holiday staple is to place all the ingredients in a sturdy blender until it turns into a smooth liquid. This will create a rich colour, perfect for capturing on your Galaxy S10+’s Food Mode setting.

Two glasses of a Watermelon, ginger and lime slushies

Watermelon, ginger and lime slushy

There’s nothing more refreshing than a big slice of cold watermelon on a hot day. So, why not turn it into an ice-cold slushy? All you’ll need for this super easy recipe is a sharp knife to cut the melon, a grater for the ginger, a juicer for the lime and a blender to mix everything together. The tasty ingredients are:

1. Two cups of watermelon chunks cut from the rind
2. Half a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
3. Juice of one lime equal to two tablespoons
4. Half a cup of sparkling water
5. A cup full of ice

As with the smoothie, throw these ingredients into a blender until you get that all important icy mix to cool you down on a hot summer’s day at home. Feel free to top up the mixture with another helping of ice from the RS3000 dispenser.

Guava and passion fruit ice lollies in a dish

Guava and passion fruit ice lollies

Looking for that tropical taste? Add guava and passion fruit, and some ice lolly moulds, to your summer shopping list and you won’t have to travel far to savour their exotic flavours. With the RS3000’s powerful freezer, you can make delicious ice lollies with these fruits quickly. The ingredients you’ll need are:

1. Guava juice (home made using blended guava fruit if possible but store bought is just as effective)
2. Passion fruit juice (freshly blended is best but store-bought juice will work too)
Pour the guava juice into your moulds until they are half full. Then leave them until they are nearly frozen solid. Fill the remaining half of the mould with passion fruit juice and leave until frozen completely solid. Once frozen, take out and enjoy the perfect summer’s day treat!

Once you’ve created your ice-cold masterpieces, why not snap a quick photo of them? Share your creations on the S10+ straight to Instagram using #withGalaxy.

Create your own delicious summer treats with the RS3000 fridge

Follow our recipes to create your own ice-cold holiday treats at home.

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