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The Best Smartphones for
your Grandparents

Surprise your grandparents with a smartphone this festive season.

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Do you have grandparents to buy for this festive season? Why not welcome them into the wonderful world of smartphone technology? After all, the number of people aged 65+ who own a smartphone is well on the rise.

With so many smartphone options nowadays, it can be tricky to narrow down what to look for. When you’re buying for an older user, you want a smartphone model that is both functional and practical. Something easy to use and easy to read. A model that will stand the test of time.

Here are 5 features to consider when you’re buying a smartphone for an older user and why we think the Galaxy A and J series might be your best bet.

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1. Large screen

A large screen makes using a smartphone much easier. The font is larger, the graphics are clearer and, luckily for older users, most models nowadays have screens that are bright, bold and beautiful. Some come with fancy names like ‘HD+’, ‘sAMOLED’ and ‘Infinity Display’ – but don’t get too discouraged. All they mean is that the graphics stand out in crystal clarity and all content is easily readable, for every user. If you’re looking for a large-screen smartphone for your grandparents this festive season, the Galaxy A9 and J6+ are well worth considering. The A9 features a 6.3” screen while the J6+ has a 6.0” screen, both producing sharp contrast and dynamic colours for an immersive viewing experience. Let your grandparents cherish those precious family photos on a wide screen, right from the palm of their hands.

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2. Long battery life

A long battery life is another crucial feature to consider when shopping for your grandparents. Those of us glued to our phones all day on battery-draining apps like Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram have accepted the need to charge our batteries at least once, even twice, per day. But let’s bear in mind that the everyday older user may not be interested in entertainment apps. Staying in touch with their family and close friends, checking the time and planning their day using calendars are probably much more important. Plus, carrying a charging cable all day may be a nuisance. A long battery life is key and, thankfully, the entire Galaxy smartphone range come fully charged and up to the task.

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3. Simple operating system

For a simple, user friendly operating system, you really can’t go wrong with Android. And with Android on a Samsung smartphone, you get more than ever before. Its unique UI (user interface) boasts a whole host of features that are easy to use and make every interaction effortless. From simple fonts to handy widgets, every feature and function is designed to be instinctive and understandable. Your grandparents will be able to set their favourite fonts, choose their favourite backgrounds and customise their smartphones to their liking. No fuss or complications, just a simple, everyday smartphone.

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4. Durability

If it’s their first smartphone, updating to a new model every few years won’t be too much fun for your grandparents. Plus, if they’re only a casual user, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be too fussed about the jaw-dropping new releases each year. A sturdy, long-lasting model that will stand the test of time is your best bet. A model that won’t break after dropping it on the floor. A model that’s durable enough to handle your grandparents’ everyday, action-packed life. A model that won’t start glitching after only 6 months. Mid-range models are most likely your best shot, but do your research and read some reviews online before you buy.

"A model that’s durable enough to handle your grandparents’ everyday, action-packed life."

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5. Price

Lastly, the most important feature to consider when you’re buying a smartphone for your grandparents is the price. You can spend as much as you like on smartphones these days but, as mentioned, your grandparents probably aren’t the type to be glued to social media and other entertainment apps. Break your grandparents gently into the world of smartphones with the A8 and J4+. Both models tick all the boxes: they’re practical, durable, not too pricey and very simple to use. Just don’t forget to teach them all those handy tips and tricks for making the most of their brand-new Galaxy.

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Surprise your grandparents with a new smartphone

Give your grandparents an easy-to-use smartphone with the Galaxy A and J series.

Galaxy A9

Galaxy A9

Galaxy J6+

Galaxy J6+

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