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The marriage of
art and interior design

A top husband and wife team reveal how they use art in their home design ideas.

A well-lit living room with The Frame at the side of the room. The Frame with art display brings home design ideas for modern interior style.

Jae woo and Ji young’s home has featured in many high-end design and architectural magazines. Today, they let us into their home and explain their approach to interior design and the role art plays in setting or transforming the mood of a space.

Interior designers are standing in their house(left) and an overhead shot of a desk with their hands creating a model of a house design(right).
The Frame with artwork is hanging on the wall in a house is designed with modern interior.
An Interior designer couple in South Korea invites us into their home that is designed as minimalist style interior with The Frame. They share how they draw design ideas from The Frame and use art of The Frame for styling a space.

Interior designers, Jae woo and Ji young, always tell their clients that the most important thing about home styling is to find a style that suits your lifestyle and personality.

They believe that interior design should only ever play the part of a supporting actor. The lead actors are the people who live in the home, and the art should convey their interests and carry their signature. That’s why they designed their own home with a simple and minimalist aesthetic.

A woman is seated in a chair holding the One Remote Control towards The Frame. The Frame is displaying artwork that is selected by One Remote Control.

“If space is a person,
art is the clothing they wear”

The couple explains that styling a space is a lot like dressing up. With different art expressing different feelings, just like clothes do. “If we think of art as clothing, Samsung’s The Frame is a beautiful wardrobe, full of gorgeous outfits. So we can always find something perfect for any mood and any season."

Choosing a piece
that goes well with
the space is key

The Frame on a Studio Stand is next to the antique drawers and standing lamp. The Frame is on with art mode that makes the space more aesthetically.

The two designers work together on interior design and space composition, discussing the way different pieces work in a certain space. For their own home they choose artworks that are minimal and modern because they are pursuing a modern space.

The Frame on a Studio Stand is at the corner of a room. The Frame looks like art with a beautiful yellow butterfly image.

“If a space is colorless,
I select an art piece with
an accent color.”

The Frame makes it easy to add a pop of color and personality with a bright and vibrant art piece.

The Frame looks like an art piece is included in a minimalist living room. With art collections, The Frame turns your room into a gallery.

“The Frame is not just a TV.
It is art”

“I love the design, and the fact that people don’t recognize it as a TV.” Ji young enthuses, pointing to her own Frame on its elegant easel stand. “For me, as a space stylist, The Frame has many advantages for my clients. You can have it freestanding on a studio stand as an integral part of your interior decor, elegantly transforming your room into a gallery. Or you can hang it flush to the wall, just like a real picture frame.”

The Frame on a Studio Stand is next to a speaker. The Frame shows Art Store's Autumn Collection on screen.

It’s a complete
art gallery

The Art Store lets you choose from hundreds of works of art, a benefit they greatly appreciate and value.

“As an interior designer, I can use The Frame as my starting point, my inspiration. Or I can use it to complement the style and mood of the space."

Samsung The Frame with Customizable Walnut Bezel on the Studio Stand

The Frame

Samsung The Frame on a Studio Stand, and The Frame with Customizable Walnut and Beige Wood Bezel with Samung Art Store on the screen.

Art Store

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