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Top tips to stay
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Be the best you this year with the Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

With the pace of modern life not slowing down anytime soon, it’s more important than ever to strike a healthy balance between our work and personal lives. We can too easily lose track of ourselves working full-time in demanding jobs and all the other admin that comes with life.

But by simply exercising, having a healthy diet and ensuring we get the rest we deserve, we can all keep on top of our lives and be the best version of ourselves. This year, make yourself the priority.

Here are some ways the Galaxy Watch can help us all smash our health goals and manage that little thing we call life.

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Get in shape

Exercising is one of the best ways to improve your physical and mental stamina. From losing weight to toning up or simply unwinding from our busy schedules, exercising plays a large part in a healthy life. It doesn’t need to be anything too drastic either. And with the Galaxy Watch, you can have some fun and personalise an exercise routine that works for you.

The Galaxy Watch tracks up to 40 different exercises – including walking, running, cycling and rowing – letting you make the most of your workout. Just call it a personal trainer on your wrist. And with LTE connectivity, you won’t need to take your phone with you on those long runs. The Galaxy Watch can easily make and receive calls and catch those texts and emails. It’s waterproof too so you can take it for a freestyle, backstroke or butterfly spin in the pool. Take charge of yourself this year by getting in shape and feeling the full benefits that come with a healthy body.

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You are what you eat

Having a balanced diet is just as important as exercise. All those expensive brunches and avocados on toast may be delicious, but they’ll only take your body and health so far. Remember: you are what you eat. And drink, for that matter.

Luckily, the Galaxy Watch can help you track your food and water intake. Using Bixby on your Galaxy device, take a photo of each meal and log the nutritional information on your Galaxy Watch for better calorie management. It’ll help you keep on top of your meals and give you a summary of how many calories you’re consuming each day. This way you’ll have a much better idea of how many calories you’ll need to burn.

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Rest and relax for a better you

With bright screens on our smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs – and the millions of distractions that come with them – it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep. Over time this can lead to physical and mental anxiety, and it’s something that can be easily avoided with a little practice. This year, make getting more quality sleep a resolution and watch as it improves every other part of your life.

The Galaxy Watch includes many wellness and stress management features to help you be the best you. It monitors all levels of sleep, including REM cycles, and will help you get the rest your body and mind needs to take on your day. Remember, it’s important to pace yourself throughout the day too. Be mindful of your stress triggers and, with the Galaxy Watch, keep an eye on your heart rate. It even provides breathing exercises to help you stay focused. Modern life may be hectic, but it should never hold your breath hostage. So go on, enjoy sweet, deep slumber and feel renewed with the Galaxy Watch.

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Be the best you with the Galaxy Watch

Exercise better, eat healthier and rest deeper with the Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch

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