Keep Kids Inspired at Home
with Colour Therapy

Colourful indoor activities for kids to unleash their creativity.

A father and his three children partake in colour therapy as they paint the white walls of a room to bright blue.

Looking for fresh, uplifting things to do with kids at home? Colour therapy is a great way to stimulate children's creativity and develop their cognitive abilities. Colours have long been believed to have the power to positively influence our emotions, moods, and even our behaviors. Keep your children inspired and happy by displaying colourful artwork all around your home. Or try these fun, healing colour activities to make the most of this precious time with your little ones.

Two young girls in the living room sit drawing and playing with colours and blocks as a colouring activity.
A mother and her two daughters talk in the living room as The Frame hangs on the wall displaying the children's artwork.
The Frame showing categories of effects to apply to photos in My Album on Ambient Mode.
Ambient Mode
- My Album: Light up your kids' artwork with a variety of effects when displaying it on the TV.

Provide a big canvas for big ideas

Create a play station filled with loads of art supplies to keep your kids fully engaged. Lay out a large sheet of white paper and have them paint with their hands and feet. Or print out fun colouring pages for your kids and let them experiment with a wide palette of different shades. When they've finished, take a photo of their paintings and display them on a large screen like 2019 QLED.

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A small child in yellow overalls experiences colour therapy by watering green plants. Bright orange and yellow flowers in a vase sitting on a table in daylight.

Discover the wild colours of nature

Venture out into the wild and let your kids roam among the bright colours found in nature. Playing outside under a calming, blue sky can help kids focus. Frolicking in the relaxing, green grass can make you feel more at peace. Visit a zoo or an aquarium to introduce your kids to unique animals and plants in fantastic shades of red, yellow, purple and more.

A father and his two children prepare a dish in the kitchen surrounded by colourful ingredients, as they follow along with a recipe video playing on The Serif.

Play with pigments in the kitchen

Captivate all five senses by whipping up treats with your little ones. Especially good for picky eaters, cooking with your kids gives them a chance to familiarize themselves with different ingredients. Add fresh fruits to your recipe for a splash of colour therapy. Oranges have a cheery and inviting tone, while the yellow in mangoes encourages confidence and positivity. A feast for all the senses.

A smiling young girl plays in a ball pit filled with multi-coloured plastic balls.

Fostering a bond that will last

Colour activities are an effective method of communication between parent and child. Take a step back and allow your kids total freedom in choosing colours and forming their creations. Stay involved by asking them questions and praising their choices. Positive reinforcement boosts self-esteem, gives children a sense of accomplishment, and promotes independence.

In a living room, a mother and father play with their daughter as The Frame hangs on the wall. The Frame displays artwork on its big screen, incorporating colour therapy into the interior design.
Artworks in The Frame's Art Store
Easier Discovery
Search for different styles and genres of art with The Frame's Art Mode.

Incorporate colour to your daily routine

Rather than making colour activities a special event, look for ways to fit colour therapy in your day-to-day. Decorating your walls with colourful art pieces introduces children to different cultures and encourages their creative and emotional development. Use Art Mode in The Frame to easily find and display artwork that will entice and educate your kids and brighten up your home in a jiffy.

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* Matte: The blank area that serves to highlight the art piece within The Frame.
* iOS & non-Galaxy Android devices need to download SmartThings App for Ambient Mode setting on mobile phone.
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Vibrant colour therapy on the big screen

Brighten your mood with brilliant and vivid hues on your TV.

2020 The Frame QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

2020 The Frame

2020 QLED 8K

2020 QLED 8K

2020 Samsung The Serif with QLED 4K Smart TV

2020 The Serif

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