Image of Gear IconX earbuds

Gear IconX

Do-it-all earbuds for total audio freedom

*Up to 1,000 tracks can be uploaded within 4GB (User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device features).
**Compatible with devices that run Android 4.4 KitKat and above, and have a minimum of 1.5GB RAM. Galaxy phones users can transfer music files to Gear IconX either from the Galaxy phone or a PC via USB connectors or USB cables (not applicable to some Galaxy phones). Non-Galaxy Android phone users can transfer music files to Gear IconX from a PC via USB cable.

No cords, no hassle

Cord-free design

Different wingtip and eartip
sizes for the ideal fit

Ergonomic & secure

Illustration of wingtips in S, M, L
Illustration of eartips in S, M, L

Beamforming technology for better call clarity

Dual microphones

Be your best
with the built-in coach

When the Gear IconX’s Auto Tracking mode detects walking or jogging, it logs your time, distance, and calories burned. Activate the Running Coach and it’ll give you verbal cues that help you maintain your jogging speed. Afterwards, sync your Gear IconX with the Samsung Health app on your phone to log your progress.

Fitness voice coaching

Get stat-based coaching without your phone

*Image used for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Fitness voice coaching audio prompt will play to announce start of workout and direct runner to slow down

Animated blue dot follows workout chart, representing runner’s workout
An image of a woman running with a graph in the background with a flashing icon that follows a path representing the run speed. It doesn’t follow the suggested path, and the speed increases until the voice coaching says to slow down and it drops to get closer to the suggested workout.
Workout started Slow down
  • Background image of woman running outside

Stay on track

The Gear IconX automatically tracks your activity in Samsung Health. And if you have the Samsung Gear Sport or Gear Fit2 Pro fitness band, it’ll sync with them, along with your smartphone too.

Photo of a person doing yoga. In the foreground is a Samsung phone with the Samsung Health app on-screen

Hear your tunes clearly

Turn up the music and go with clear and stable audio quality. The sound has been optimised for fitness, with dynamic bass and a wide volume range to help you feel energised.

Image of Gear IconX earbuds

Control with a touch

Play playlists, navigate tracks, and turn up the volume. It's all done with simple taps and swipes, and you never
have to take out your phone.

Touch control

Easy control with taps and swipes

*Image used for illustrative purpose only and may differ from actual product.

Click to play sound. Below the touch control list is a "Sound on/off" button allowing you to turn the sound on or off.

  • Current track plays on click

    TAP Play
  • Next track plays on click

    next track
  • Previous track plays on click

    previous track
  • Song volume gets louder then quieter according to finger illustration swipes

    SWIPE UP/DOWN Volume
  • Playlist menu is read out on click: All tracks, workout playlist

    DOUBLE TAP & HOLD Next playlist
  • Main menu is read out on click: Start workout with pace setter, turn on ambient sound, Bixby Voice. Bixby Voice is selected and says Today will be clear with a high of 24.

    TAP & HOLD Readout menu
An animated hand moves to tap and swipe Gear Icon X and pulsating motion in the background plays to represent sound
  • All tracks
  • Workout playlist
  • Favorites
  • Start workout with pace setter
  • Turn on ambient sound
  • Bixby voice

What's the weather today?

Today will be clear with a high of 24