Kids mode

Kids mode

Family-friendly fun on your tablet

With Kids mode, family-friendly fun is just a tap away. Discover a wide range of exciting content that lets your child learn and play in a whole new way. And with a range of parental controls that give you peace of mind every playtime, your child will always be safe and secure.

Learn and play


Bring learning to life as a family or let your kids safely use your tablet on their own, with a range of fun features, unique apps and stunning content.

Perfect for parents

Parental controls

Have complete peace of mind with a secure PIN code lock, time usage limits and by choosing which apps your child can download and use.

Seamless switching


Exit Kids mode, return to your own settings and find every app, file and window exactly as you left them.

Get started


Learn how, in 6 simple steps, you can create a digital playground on your tablet.

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Compatible devices

Will Kids mode work on your device? Check in our FAQ section.

Google Play Store

Download Kids mode to from the Google Play Store and learn and play in a whole new way.