Learn and play

Whether your child is playing alone or you’re playing as a family, Kids mode offers them their own digital playground that makes learning fun.

Explore with ease


Kids mode is so easy-to-use. Your child will be able to find their way in seconds, discover hidden animations and play with a range of colourful characters.

A family of friends


Add colour to every moment with the friendly faces of the Kids mode village. Your child can dress them up, redesign their home and play unique and exciting games with them.

  • Crocro
  • Bobby
  • Lisa
  • Cooki





Getting creative

Kids mode makes it easy for your child to express themselves with the Kids Camera, Kids Magic Voice and a range of features designed just for them.

Kids Camera

Kids Magic Voice

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Compatible devices

Will Kids mode work on your device? Check in our FAQ section.

Google Play Store

Download Kids mode to from the Google Play Store and learn and play in a whole new way.