Samsung Expands AddWash Washing Machine Range with ‘Washer-Dryer Combo’ and ‘Slim’ Lineups

Aug 22. 2016

Extended line-up reflects strong consumer response to original AddWash WW8500 and is designed to meet diverse consumer demands in Europe

Samsung Electronics Europe today announced the addition of two new AddWash line-ups – the Washer-Dryer Combo and the Slim, which will be displayed at IFA 2016. The move reflects the strong consumer demand for the original AddWash WW8500, which was introduced last year at IFA 2015, and aims to offer consumers a wider range of options to utilise and enjoy the innovative AddWash feature.

The original AddWash feature helped redefine the task of doing laundry, recognising the common habit of forgetting to put in an item, from a stray piece of clothing, to adding extra softener into a load. Samsung’s AddWash continues to receive favourable reviews and multiple awards for innovation from global media. What’s more, AddWash users are showing the same level of enthusiasm, as new research conducted by Samsung shows that 92% of users love that the AddWash door lets them add in items in the middle of a cycle. In addition, 97% of users think it provides great washing performance and 98% are very satisfied with the AddWash* performance.

“The AddWash feature continues to make a strong impression on consumers here in Europe and we are very pleased to be offering it across a wider variety of models,” said BS Seo, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics. “It is a unique and convenient solution for modern and busy families, and when you pair it with our other industry-leading washing machine features and innovations, it is a combination that cannot be beat.”

AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo

The new AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo line-up has two variants, the WD6500K and the WD5500K. The standout AddWash feature is coupled with Air Wash, common to both models, which uses only heated warm air to deodorise and sanitise clothes. This saves them from the wear and tear of a standard load, freshening up laundry without water or detergents. The AddDoor can also be used during a drying cycle, and is perfect for items that require dry cleaning, helping families save money and cut down on bills.

The WD6500K comes with a 9 KG capacity and Samsung’s highly acclaimed Ecobubble technology, which effectively cleans clothes, even at low temperatures. It accelerates the process of turning detergent into bubbles, quickly penetrating fabric and easily removing dirt while saving energy and being gentler on clothes. The Combo model also boasts a Super Speed feature, which is a more efficient way of washing everyday laundry. It shortens rinsing time with a Speed Spray that shoots powerful jets of water and accelerates the spin speed based on the wash load to quickly spin-dry clothes. One load can be completed in just 59 minutes. The WD5500K comes in 9 KG, 8 KG and 7 KG variants and also features Ecobubble and Bubble Soak.

AddWash Slim for Modern Lifestyles

The Slim line-up has three variants, the WW6500K, WW5500K, and WW4500K. All feature the slimmest profile in the industry while offering a range of capacities: 6 KG, 7 KG, 8 KG, and 9 KG, to fit modern urban lifestyles which put a premium on available indoor space. Each also comes with Ecobubble technology and Bubble Soak, which adds an extra phase to a normal washing cycle to thoroughly soak dirty clothes in active bubbles, loosening dirt and stains to prepare them to be removed much more effectively.

In addition to the sleek AddWash door, these models also feature Samsung’s Digital Inverter, which gives consumers the winning combination of guaranteed long-term performance and durability, minimal operating noise, and superior energy efficiency. It also provides easy troubleshooting with Samsung’s Smart Check feature which automatically detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage and provides simple troubleshooting advice via a smartphone App.

The WD5500K AddWash Washer-Dryer Combo in all three capacities is planned for UK launch. The WD6500K and Slim Line series are not currently planned for launch in the UK.

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