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Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Galaxy S20 promo banner
Galaxy S20 promo banner

This is the phone that will change photography.

Meet Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap changing how you capture not just video but photography — and 5G changing the way you share it. Add in Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processor and massive storage — and the Galaxy S20 series unveils a whole new world for mobile.

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  • “There is plenty to love about both the Galaxy S20 and the S20+…it appears to pack most of Samsung's more radical steps and innovations for 2020.”


    “It is impossible not to recommend the S20 Ultra, which sets a new benchmark for 5G Android phones to chase.” Galaxy S20 Ultra, T3, March 2020


    “From the 5G support to the flawless performance; from the hugely improved camera to the utterly gorgeous display – the S20 is the Android king.”

    Trusted Reviews

    “Samsung has recaptured the night photography crown.”

  • “The Galaxy S20 is the perfect size for my life, but it's also a powerhouse just like the big boys.” Galaxy S20, Android Central, March 2020

    Android Central

    “The S20 has one of the best-looking displays on the market, an all-round versatile camera and - at long last - a battery that'll easily get you through the day.”


    “Overall, I think there isn’t another Android phone that rises to [the Galaxy S20's] level of build quality.”

    The Verge


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highlights visual 108mp cover

A massive leap forward in resolution and zoom for mobile photography

High Resolution

108MP lets you pinch in. Again. And again.1

Photo taken on Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108 megapixel camera of a couple sitting on a beach. The 108MP gives you incredible detail in your photos so you can pinch in again and again without losing clarity, and as we pinch in on the photo, we discover a scene of someone carrying a surfboard at the right angle to make it look like the person jumping off the cliff behind them is jumping onto the surfboard

Pinch in to experience 108MP

Far beyond the 12 megapixel category, Galaxy S20 Ultra gives you millions more pixels in each photograph. Which means for the first time ever you can pinch in for details you'd never have seen before.

Galaxy S20 & Galaxy S20+ 64MP
Galaxy S20 Ultra 108MP

Our most advanced zoom yet takes you places no mobile has been before

Space Zoom

Zoom in 100x to find shots you never knew existed2

Photo taken on Galaxy S20 plus near the back of a crowd at an outdoors concert. As we zoom in on the photo, we see a funny moment of a man crowdsurfing near the stage, showing how Space Zoom lets you find moments you might have otherwise missed
Photo taken on Galaxy S20 Ultra. As we zoom in, we see a dog on a beach towel with pink goggles, illustrating Space Zoom.
Photo taken on Galaxy S20 Ultra. As we zoom in, we see a dog on a beach towel with pink goggles, illustrating Space Zoom.
Photo taken on Galaxy S20 Ultra. As we zoom in, we see a dog on a beach towel with pink goggles, illustrating Space Zoom.
Photo taken on Galaxy S20 Ultra. As we zoom in, we see a dog on a beach towel with pink goggles, illustrating Space Zoom.

It starts with 10x Hybrid Optic Zoom enabled by a revolutionary folded lens and high resolution image sensor. Couple that with Super Resolution Zoom enhanced by camera AI to get close up to the action and capture moments you might have missed.4

Galaxy S20 & S20+ 3xHybrid Optic Zoom3 Up to 30xSuper Resolution Zoom4
Galaxy S20 Ultra 10xHybrid Optic Zoom3 Up to 100xSuper Resolution Zoom4

Let there be night

Bright Night

We've upped the sensor size so you can shoot more of the night

In low light, the pro-grade camera system captures multiple photos at once, merging them into one stunning shot with less blur and noise. With larger image sensors and AI, switching to Night Mode means you can shoot night time scenes clearer.

Night mode off

Photos taken with Night mode on Galaxy S20 plus. BTS stands in a low-lit hallway, holding objects lit up with glowsticks and neon lighting like a guitar, clarinet, basketball, sunglasses, and more. In the Night mode off photo, you can see outlines of the band members but mostly the glowsticks and neon objects. In the Night mode on photo, the faces and outfits of the band are much clearer and more colorful

Night mode on


8K Video Snap revolutionises how you capture photos and video

8K Video

Now the highest-resolution video on a smartphone

We've taken mobile resolution from 4K all the way to 8K. That's 4 times bigger than UHD and 16 times bigger than FHD. That means you'll capture moments in super-sharp resolution.

Still image of a man who appears to be being pulled by a woman with a rope, captured by Samsung's 8K Video Snap feature
People walking on the street in front of an ad for a fitness center, with a woman pulling on a big rope. The video timeline reverses until we see a man walking in front of the fitness center ad, appearing to be pulled by the rope. The 8K Video Snap icon appears and is tapped, capturing a still of that moment

8K Video Snap

You can even pull 33MP stills right out of 8K video

It's a whole new way to capture still photography every time you hit record. 8K video turns every frame into a high-resolution still that you can pinch in on for once-in-a-lifetime shots.


Steady. Steadier. Super Steady

Super Steady

Sophisticated AI stabilises video like an action cam

The larger sensor and anti-rolling stabiliser balances camera movement, so your footage won't turn out blurry and unstable but super smooth.

Side-by-side comparison of two videos of a man riding a bike, one with Super Steady mode off, and the other with it turned on
A man riding a BMX bike and doing tricks. A slide video slides in showing the same footage but with Super steady off. The video with Super steady on shows how smooth the footage is

Single Take

A whole new way to take one shot and capture multiple formats

Single Take is essentially burst mode turned beast mode. With revolutionary AI, it lets you shoot for up to 10 seconds and get back a variety of formats — meaning you can choose the best style for the moment without having to reshoot.

Photographs of young men playing bubble football, or zorb football, that were taken using the Galaxy S20's Single Take Mode
A bubble soccer game. It starts with a man heading the ball, and then two men bumping into each other in the bubbles. The video then changes into several different formats to illustrate the variety of formats Single Take automatically creates

Select Single Take mode in the camera and tap the shutter. Move around for at least 3 seconds and up to 10 seconds to capture the whole scene.

The text '5G' is displayed in big bold white letters set against a black background

That whole new camera experience also has a game-changing phone built around it

Future-ready 5G

Download a whole season of your favorite show in a flash

With a 5G modem baked in, Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra let you download in an instant and enjoy your favourite Netflix films and shows without lag. With 5G, even you can upload and share at high speeds.5

People are hanging out at a pool with a streaming interface overlaid on top. The video is smooth due to the fast connection.
The Galaxy S20 smartphone is in landscape mode and being used to share footage live at high speeds, courtesy of 5G technology
The last frame of a video shot in landscape mode of two men by a pool, captured in 8K with a Galaxy S20 smartphone

All Day Battery

Power on and on and on…

Our batteries are powerful, maxing out at 5000mAh (typical).6 But they're also intelligent, adjusting to your mobile habits to save power and last way longer on a single charge.7

Galaxy S20 Ultra seen from the front in landscape mode. The sun shown on-screen illustrates the all-day battery's longevity.

Deleting is so 2019


A place for all of your favourite photos

Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra are made for the powerful camera, with massive built-in storage to keep your hi-res videos and photos. You can then expand it with a microSD card for even more storage — up to 1.5TB total.8

A selection of photographs taken with a Galaxy S20 smartphone, illustrating the large storage capacity offered by the S20
Up to 512GB8Internal
Plus up to 1TBvia MicroSD


We upgraded the whole security system, so what's yours, stays yours

We created a secure processor dedicated to protecting your PIN, password, pattern and Blockchain Private Key. Combined with the Knox platform, security is infused into every part of your phone, from hardware to software. So private data stays private.

The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are shown side-by-side, with an image of a forest in autumn across the three displays.


Take your Galaxy S20 series experience to the next level

A flat lay of several Galaxy accessories including Galaxy Buds Plus, the Smart LED View Cover and the Smart LED Cover

Accessories sold separately

Galaxy leading the way with innovation


Unlock the future with the revolutionary data speeds of 5G.


Security is in our DNA. So every Galaxy is built secure from the chip up.

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back side of Galaxy S20 in Cloud Pink
back side of Galaxy S20 in Cosmic Grey
back side of Galaxy S20 Ultra in Cosmic Grey
Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20+ Galaxy S20 Ultra
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  • Cloud Pink
  • Cosmic Black
  • Cosmic Grey
  • Cloud Blue
  • Cosmic Black
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Screen size1




High resolution












  1. Measured diagonally, Galaxy S20's screen size is 6.2" in the full rectangle and 6.1" with accounting for the rounded corners; Galaxy S20+'s screen size is 6.7" in the full rectangle and 6.6" with accounting for the rounded corners; and Galaxy S20 Ultra's screen size is 6.9" in the full rectangle and 6.7" with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.
  2. Space Zoom includes digital zoom, which may cause some image deterioration.
  3. 5000mAh (typical) battery only available on Galaxy S20 Ultra. Galaxy S20 battery is 4000mAh (typical) and Galaxy S20+ battery is 4500mAh (typical). Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3880mAh for Galaxy S20, 4370mAh for Galaxy S20+, and 4855mAh for Galaxy S20 Ultra. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

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