Solve for Tomorrow

Ideas wanted.
No qualifications needed.

Solve for Tomorrow is a nationwide competition, empowering the UK’s next generation of innovators to change the world for good. No qualifications required. No existing expertise needed. Just an idea that uses technology and a desire to make a difference.

Entries for Solve for Tomorrow 2020 are now closed, but please keep an eye on here and our social channels for updates from our finalists over the coming months.

If you have an idea you’d like enter, we’ll be launching Solve for Tomorrow 2021 later this year.

The opportunity

If you have an idea for a new tech product, service or app that could make a real difference to the people and the communities most in need, within one of the following 4 challenge areas, we want to hear from you.

Social Isolation

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Diversity & Inclusion

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If your idea is shortlisted, you will have the chance to refine your idea with help and support from Samsung and Digital Catapult (the UK's leading advanced digital technology innovation centre).

Across two further rounds, you will have access to workshops, masterclasses, coaching sessions and one-to-one mentoring, equipping you with the skills and encouragement needed to develop your idea and prepare for a live pitch day, where you will present your final idea to a panel of industry-leading experts.

The winning idea will receive long-term mentorship and support from Samsung and Digital Catapult to bring their solution to life - but this isn’t a winner-takes-all competition. No matter what stage you get to in the competition, you will come away with something. Whether it’s learning new digital or business skills, honing your idea further or developing your network - ultimately, you’ll be one step closer to realising your dream.

No matter what your background, education or previous experience, this is your opportunity. Bring your ideas and your raw talent and we’ll bring the rest, coaching you every step of the way.

The prize

  • First prize
  • Runners up
  • All Finalists


cash prize for one winner, in addition to long-term support and mentorship from Samsung, Digital Catapult and their network of start-ups to develop their idea


for two runners up

All finalists will receive one of Samsung’s latest 5G smartphones to help them continue their journey beyond Solve for Tomorrow

How to enter

Tell us

First, tell us everything we need to know about you and your idea. What is the issue you are addressing, what is your solution, who is it for, why is it different, and what inspired you. To help with this, we recommend you watch our Design Thinking video, which lays out a simple five-step framework that all problem-solvers use when developing their ideas.

Show us

Next, submit a one-pager showing us what your solution might look like. This could be a simple drawing of your design, an image of a paper model, or mock-up of an app or website created using a tool such as PowerPoint or Figma – don’t be afraid to be creative, it will really help us visualise what you have in mind.


You must be between the ages of 16-25.

You can enter as an individual or as a team of no more than 5.

You must not have received financial support for your idea exceeding £2,000 prior to this competition to be eligible.

You must be a UK resident.

No, you can only enter one idea into the competition.

If you have more than one idea, we recommend you spend some time thinking about which you feel the most passion for and which one demonstrates the most creativity, feasibility and social impact.

If your entry is shortlisted it may be featured on our website, used within publicity materials and showcased at the finalists’ pitch day.

During the first round of initial entries, an expert panel from Digital Catapult will review all entries and shortlist 25 ideas.

In the second and final rounds, ideas will be reviewed by a panel that will include judges from Samsung and Digital Catapult, as well as other independent industry experts.

What you enter is up to you – an app a product or a service, what we are looking for is:

  • Technology - is your idea one that could use technology
  • Creativity - Does your idea display originality of thought?
  • Feasibility - How feasible is the idea with current technology and resources?
  • Social impact - What societal challenge are you addressing, how have you considered the needs of your intended target audience, and the potential of your idea to reach and benefit your target audience
  • Design thinking methodology - How have you used design thinking in developing your idea?

Following Round One, the 25 shortlisted ideas will be announced on 8th March 2021, and we will directly communicate the results to the successful entrants by email. Following Round Two, the 5 finalists who make it through to Round Three will be announced on 17th May 2021

As part of the competition Samsung will be offering workshops on design thinking, advanced digital masterclasses and business skills to equip participants with the tools and techniques to develop a winning idea.

If you are successful in the first round, you will need to be available to attend workshops and masterclasses exploring design thinking methodology and digital technologies in Round Two, held across March and April 2021.

If you make it through to Round Three, you will need to be able to attend further refreshers, masterclasses and coaching sessions throughout June 2021 covering digital technologies, prototyping, business and pitching skills, as well as the finalists pitch day in July 2021. Finalists will also need to be able to attend the awards ceremony on the same day.

Samsung will confirm exact dates once the semi-finalists have been shortlisted.

We will be closely monitoring the Government guidelines for COVID-19 and will always put the health and safety of participants above all. Where possible, workshops and events will be held in person in regional centres, as well as Samsung KX and the Digital Catapult office in London. If this is not possible, we will continue to hold them virtually and details will be offered to successful applicants in advance. 

No. You will retain the rights to any intellectual property surrounding your idea. Our role will be to help you develop your idea and connect you with industry contacts to help you take your solution forward.

Full Terms & Conditions for Solve for Tomorrow 2020 can be read here.

If you have any additional questions, or require further assistance, please email the Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility team on

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Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a UK initiative that forms part of Samsung’s global commitment to education. We empower future innovators to achieve their full potential and become the next generation of leaders to pioneer positive social change #TogetherforTomorrow #EnablingPeople.

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Not a School

Not a School is an alternative educational experience that explores key issues within the 4 Solve for Tomorrow categories, with the help of some of the most inspiring experts around.

Although Solve for Tomorrow 2020 entries are now closed, you can still join our online courses for free on FutureLearn

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