How can I have my Galaxy S5 automatically upload photos and videos I capture to Google plus?

When you add your Google+ account to your device you can set your device to automatically upload your photos and videos to Google+.


Setting up a Google+ account


If you don't already have a Google+ account you'll need to sign up for one here. Follow the instructions to register for Google+ and then proceed through the steps in the following sections.


Setting up the Google+ app

1 To open the Google+ application touch Apps > Google+
2 If you have not opened the Google+ application previously then select the Google account to which to upload files.
3 Select the desired Google+ settings for Contacts and then touch Next.
4 You will then be prompted to enable Auto-Backup. Select Over Wi-Fi or mobile network or Over Wi-Fi only as the preferred means to upload files. If you're concerned about incurring extra charges from your mobile network, or using up too much of your mobile data allowance, then we recommend selecting "Over Wi-Fi only".
5 Touch Done to continue.

If you need to modify the Autoi-Backup settings follow the steps below:

1 To open the Google+ application touch Apps > Google+
2 Touch the More options icon > Settings > Auto-Backup.
3 Touch the switch , to turn Auto-Backup on.
4 Touch the various Auto-Backup options to alter them, enabling you to change what is uploaded to the cloud and when.

Note: when you enable Auto-Backup of your photos and videos to Google+ they are set to private and will not be visible to anyone in your Circles until you choose to share these files.

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