How do I charge the battery on my Gear 360 device?

The Gear 360 has 1350mAH battery capacity and will take approximately 120 minutes to fully charge. Actual charging time will depend on the charging conditions and the state of the device.

Click here to see a simulated model showing you how to charge, insert and remove your battery on your Gear 360, or follow the steps below.

1. Open the battery cover, being careful not to damage your fingernails.

2. Insert the battery, ensuring that the gold-coloured contacts are properly aligned.

3. Plug the small end of the charger into the multi-purpose jack and plug the large end into a power socket.

The notification light glow red while it is charging, and change to a steady green when it is fully charged.

4. Once the Gear 360 is fully charged, remove the charger from the Gear 360 then unplug it from the power socket



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