What are the messaging options on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

With the Messaging app open and on the list of messages, touch Menu.


The following settings are available for customising the Messaging application:


Search: Search your messages.

Delete threads: Select conversation threads to be deleted.

Draft messages: Open the draft folder to finish writing previously started messages.

Locked messages: View messages you have locked.

Scheduled messages: View the messages you have scheduled for sending at a specified time.

Spam messages: View messages received from designated spam senders.



What are the messaging options on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

General Settings Tab:

Delete old messages: When this feature is marked, your device will delete old messages when the limits set in the next two options below are reached.

Text message limit: Set the maximum number of text messages your device should keep in each conversation.

Multimedia message limit: Set the maximum number of multimedia messages your device should keep in each conversation.

Text templates: Add or delete the text templates available to you when creating new messages.

Bubble style: Change the conversation to bubble style.

Background style: Change the background of the conversation screen.

Split view: Mark the checkbox to turn split view on when you are holding your device in landscape orientation.

Use the volume key: Mark the checkbox to set your device to adjust the text size using your device's Volume key.

Add signature: When turned on, your device will add the signature to all outgoing messages for this account. Touch Signature text to edit the signature being added.


SMS/MMS Settings Tab:

Manage SIM card messages: Manage text messages stored on your SIM card.

Message center: Set your message center information.

Input mode: Select the message encoding format for text (SMS) messages.

Group messaging: When this feature is marked, your device will let you send a single message to multiple recipients.

Auto-retrieve: Set your device to automatically retrieve multimedia messages when they arrive.

Creation mode: Select the creation mode when creating an MMS message.

MMS alert: When composing a message, the device will alert you when you switch from a text message to a multimedia message.


More Settings Tab:

Push messages: Mark the checkbox to allow the network to send your device push messages.

CB activation: Allows you to receive CB messages.

Channel configuration: If CB activation is on, you can set your Receiving channel to All channels or to My channel (by adding your own channel).

Notifications: Mark this option to have your device notify you when you have new text or multimedia messages.

Select ringtone: Select the ringtone your device will use to notify you when new text or multimedia messages arrive.

Vibrate: Select the vibrate method on your device when new text or multimedia messages arrive.

Message alert repetition: Select the interval at which to notify you of a new unread message.

Preview message: Show a preview of the message in the status bar when the message arrives.

Emergency alerts: Select the emergency alerts you would like to receive.

Emergency notification preview: Play a sample emergency alert tone.

Alert reminder: Select how often your device should remind you that you have received an emergency alert message.

Spam settings: Mark this option to enable Spam filtering in your messages.

Add to spam numbers: Add or delete numbers in the Spam list.

Add to spam phrases: Add or delete phrases or words in the Spam list.

Block unknown senders: Mark this option to block messages from "Unknown" senders (messages that show Unknown as their return address).

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