Why does my MP3 player only turn on when it's connected to my PC?

If you find that your MP3 player will only turn on when it is connected to a USB charger, the battery may be exhausted and require replacement. You can check to see if your battery needs replacing by following these steps:

1 Connect the supplied USB charging cable to a powered USB port
2 Connect the other side of the charging cable to the charging port on your MP3 player
3 If your device doesn't say 'Charging' or 'USB connected', try connecting to a different USB port
4 If your device still doesn't say 'Charging' or 'USB connected', try using a different charging cable
5 Once your device is charging, leave it for 4 hours to fully charge
6 Disconnect the charging cable from your device
7 Turn your MP3 player on. If your MP3 player does not turn on or only turns on momentarily, it may need servicing

For more information about your MP3 player visit Samsung Support and search for your device

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