A device unlike any before. Galaxy Fold doesn't just change the face of the smartphone, it changes the face of tomorrow. Today, we introduce the biggest breakthrough since the mobile phone. Today, the future unfolds with Galaxy Fold 5G.
  • Galaxy Fold The Announcement video
    Galaxy Fold: The Announcement
  • Galaxy Fold: The First Experience video
    Galaxy Fold: The First Experience


We changed the shape of the phone, and the shape of tomorrow

A new dawn in display technology: the foldable Infinity Flex Display.

A stunning 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that defies expectations. Made of a revolutionary polymer material layered for slim flexibility, it's the largest Galaxy smartphone screen yet.1

*You may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.

Galaxy Fold, unfolded and seen from the front with a pink and purple floral graphic on-screen
Upper half of folded Galaxy Fold seen from the power and volume button side, against a black and white type treatment that says Fold. The phone pulls back behind the type treatment and begins to unfold. It continues to unfold and pull back until the whole phone is unfolded and seen from the front, with a pink and purple floral graphic on-screen.

The articulated spine makes folding smooth and graceful.

An engineering marvel, inspired by the precision of watch mechanics, the hinge delivers symmetrical movement that gently locks in place. So Galaxy Fold 5G intuitively folds like a book.

Tested up to 200,000 folds.2

Close-up, X-ray image of the hinge on Galaxy Fold seen from the bottom, partially folded with hinge side facing up
Galaxy Fold unfolded facedown seen from the bottom, it begins to fold and move forward until there is a close-up, X-ray image of the hinge seen

Sleek colours to match your style.

Unfold the future with the premium, monochromatic colours of Space Silver and Cosmos Black.

  • Slide 1: Essential colour
    Galaxy Fold in Space Silver with Silver Hinge, folded and seen from the back
Galaxy Fold seen from the hinge side, in front of the Galaxy Fold logo type, moving horizontally


A phone and tablet in one cutting-edge device

Hold the future in one hand.

When folded, Galaxy Fold' 5Gs slim silhouette slips easily into your bag or pocket. It also fits comfortably in your hand, putting all your apps within easy reach.

*The device contains magnets. Keep a safe distance between the device and objects that may be affected by magnets such as credit cards and implantable medical devices.3

Galaxy Fold, folded compact and convenient to use with one hand, seen from the front with the Always on Display on-screen.

A seamless experience from the outside in.

As you unfold, Galaxy Fold 5G’s displays work together seamlessly with impressive app continuity.4

Two Galaxy Folds, one folded and one unfolded, with the same app on-screen to demonstrate app continuity
Galaxy Fold folded, seen from the front. The screen switches to an app and unfolds to reveal the Infinity Flex Display with the same app on-screen.

A breakthrough in multitasking.

The Galaxy Fold 5G is pioneering the seamless integration of hardware and software for a foldable device. Use up to three apps simultaneously — you can stream, game, and even text all at once.5

Galaxy Fold, unfolded and seen at a slight angle with a video of palm trees on-screen. Then the screen splits and the video is on one side with two other apps on the other to demonstrate three-app multitasking.

*WhatsApp must be downloaded separately.


A breakthrough camera system for epic photos from any angle

Capture it all, no matter how you hold it.

With six state-of-the-art cameras, you'll be able to capture stunning photos and videos. And you can use the Infinity Flex Display as a massive viewfinder.

*Using Infinity Flex Display as viewfinder is not available when using the 10MP Selfie Camera on the cover.

Two Galaxy Folds, unfolded, one seen from the front and the other seen from the rear to show the location of the six cameras. On the front display is the 10MP Selfie Camera and 8MP RGB Depth Camera. On the rear is the 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, and the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera. On the cover is the 10MP Selfie Camera.


Performs like no other smartphone, because it’s like no other smartphone

The future of speed and storage.

Featuring 12GB of RAM for intensive multitasking — from gaming to streaming, and even live broadcasting, all at once. Plus, 512GB built-in storage is ample space for your apps and media.6

Simulated image of the advanced mobile processor

The dual cell battery delivering smarter power.

The dual cell battery with 4235mAh (typical) capacity is a game changer that uses and recharges both cells to prevent overcharging. To save power, intelligent battery management puts apps you’re not using on reserve.7

Galaxy Fold unfolded and lying face-up, with two batteries floating over each side of the screen. The display appears on top with a scene from Netflix Original Series, The Umbrella Academy on-screen.
*Netflix membership required. The Netflix app must be downloaded separately.

*Available on LTE model. The 5G model has 4235mAh (typical) battery capacity.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

*Netflix membership required. The Netflix app must be downloaded separately.


Galaxy Fold is just the beginning

Two Galaxy Folds, folded. One seen from the rear inside Leather Cover in black, and one seen from the front inside Leather Cover in white.
Two Galaxy Folds, folded. One seen from the rear inside Leather Cover in black, and one seen from the front inside Leather Cover in white.

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