We engineered Galaxy Fold 5G to work like a phone — and transform into a tablet

Upper half of Galaxy Fold, unfolded and seen from the front with the green, orange, and blue butterfly graphic on-screen in front of a black and white type treatment that says Fold


Folds in your hand. Fits in your pocket

Ergonomic design makes your grip comfortable and unlocking easy

Folded, Galaxy Fold 5G is compact enough to hold and use with one hand, with an ergonomic, comfortable grip. The fingerprint scanner is placed along the side where your thumb or index finger naturally land, so unlocking is as intuitive as picking up your phone.

*The device contains magnets. Keep a safe distance between the device and objects that may be affected by magnets such as credit cards and implantable medical devices.1

A hand holding Galaxy Fold. The thumb moves to the Fingerprint Scanner and the phone unlocks

One-handed use puts your apps within your thumb's reach.

The slim design and accessible cover display make it convenient to make calls or take a selfie with one hand.

A hand holding Galaxy Fold with the homescreen on-screen demonstrating how easy it is to use Galaxy Fold with one hand when folded.

App continuity

Two screens. One experience

Shift your view without interruption for a seamless experience.

Anything you can do on the cover display transitions to the main display. See videos the way they were meant to be seen, and scroll less when you're browsing. To see more, simply unfold.2

*You may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen.


A phone that lets you do three things at once

True multitasking gives you the power to do even more.

The main display isn't just expansive, it lets you take full advantage of that extra space with enhanced multitasking. For the first time on a Galaxy phone, you can open and run three apps simultaneously.3

*WhatsApp must be downloaded separately.

Galaxy Fold, unfolded and seen at a slight angle with a video of a canyon on-screen. Then a blue dot swipes left at the edge of the screen to open the WhatsApp app and the screen splits and the video is on one side with WhatsApp on the other. Then it swipes again to open Google, which opens under WhatsApp with the video still open to demonstrate three-app multitasking

Easy interaction puts drag and drop capabilities at your fingertips.

Shift and resize the windows as you like with a tap and drag. When you want to make another app the focus, simply tap, hold, and move it to the left side to adjust. And when you get notifications, you can easily address it by dragging the alert down to convert it into a new window.3

*WhatsApp must be downloaded separately.

Galaxy Fold, unfolded with a video of a canyon on-screen. The screen splits and the video is on one side with two other apps on the other to demonstrate three-app multitasking, and the Google app on the right side gets dragged and dropped to be above WhatsApp

Multimedia experience

An immersive screen that redefines the role of the phone

Video that immerses you in the scene

Enjoy brilliant colours and an immersive view on the Dynamic AMOLED main display. It's HDR10+ certified with Local Tone Mapping that ensures colours stay true,4 So you can see the scenes as if you were right there on set.

*Netflix membership required. The Netflix app must be downloaded separately.

Galaxy Fold unfolded in landscape mode, with an image from Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, on-screen.
Galaxy Fold unfolded in landscape mode with a scene from Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, on-screen.
An X-ray image of Galaxy Fold unfolded, seen from the front, showing the vapour chamber and clad metal cooling system. The screen appears on top with a scene from a game on-screen.

Gaming like you've never seen it.

Your phone is prevented from overheating and becoming sluggish with an advanced vapour chamber and clad metal cooling system. Combined with intelligent performance, a long-lasting battery, and the immersive display, your gameplay is taken to a whole new level.5

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

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Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos bring sound to life.

The dual speakers provide clear and loud stereo sound by AKG. Enhanced by Dolby Atmos, the sound system creates an immersive, three-dimensional audio experience that pulls you into your games, movies, and more.

Galaxy Fold, unfolded in landscape mode on its back, with a scene from a YouTube Premium music video on-screen and animation on each side to show sound from the stereo speakers.

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