Say goodbye
to glare

Watch your TV day or night in
any light conditions

If you’ve been wondering where to position your TV to avoid reflections and glare, then you will be interested to know that Samsung QLED TVs have been especially designed to be enjoyed in all lighting conditions – day or night.

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Don’t be kept in the dark

In an ideal world, you’d always be able to watch TV in dark conditions. Due to strain on the eyes it is generally recommended not to watch TV in a completely pitch black room. And in reality, very few of us can watch TV in a completely blacked out room. In fact, according to a GfK Omnibus consumer survey*, it seems that around 85% of people watch TV with lights in the room, with only 15% watching in the pitch-black conditions.

Shedding light on the problem

Ambient light shining on the screen can be incredibly annoying, as it can be difficult - if not impossible - to see through the reflections. If you’ve ever watched football in the afternoon with sunlight streaming through the window, or a film in the evening with soft lampshade lighting, you’ll know just how annoying on-screen reflections can be.

That lightbulb moment…

Instead of spending hours trying to find an area or room with the least amount of light interference, and then potentially having to move all your furniture around to accommodate your TV, would it not make more sense to opt for a TV with an anti-glare screen that actively minimises reflections? Then you can simply put your TV where you want.

Introducing QLED with Anti-Refection through Ultra Black Elite

Ultra Black Elite has been designed to reject reflections and ambient light in such a way that it retains the contrast levels of QLED TVs in very bright rooms. You could even watch TV outside, and experience minimal glare. The panel structure actively absorbs ambient lighting, reducing reflections to an absolute minimum, at any time of day or night.

How does it work?

Using a moth analogy, the outer layer of a moth’s eyes features tiny bumps and grooves, which allow them to absorb light more effectively. This means less light is reflected that could be spotted by potential predators. Similarly, the surface of QLED TV screens features lots of tiny uniform bumps and grooves, which absorb and/or redirect external light sources without interfering with the light coming from the backlight panel. So the only light that reaches your eyes is the light emitted by whatever it is you’re watching, regardless of whether you’re sitting in the dark or in a bright, sun-filled room.
Minimal reflections. Maximum enjoyment.

With Premium QLED TVs**, you can enjoy your favourite films, series, sports and more, without being distracted by sunlight or lamps reflecting off the screen. You can simply lose yourself in the action, and enjoy the things you love to watch even more thanks to Ultra Black Elite technology from Samsung.

*Online survey conducted via GfK’s Omnibus between 11 and 13 December 2015, using the GfK KnowledgePanel®. Study comprised 1,020 U.S. adults, selected using random probability address-based sampling. The margin of error is +/-3%.

**Feature available on Q80R, Q85R, Q90R, Q950R