what is 8k tv

A new era of TV

QLED 8K TVs upscale what you love into 8k

QLED 8K TV has finally landed, setting a new viewing standard that will leave you speechless. 8K resolution promises to deliver perfect reality, and once you’ve seen it in action, you won’t want to settle for anything less. With screens ranging from 65” to 85”, you can immerse yourself in your favourite films, TV shows, and games like never before – with 8K resolution, bigger is even better.

8K – so, it’s twice the resolution of 4K?

Even better. 8K resolution has 7680 x 4320 pixels – giving you just over 33 million pixels – which is four times the number of pixels on a 4K screen and 16 times more than Full HD. Having four times the pixels means having four times the information in the same screen, delivering an unparalleled depth of field, as well as much better colour and clarity, for a fully immersive experience. Plus, with the ultra-minimalist frame on our QLED 8K TVs, nothing comes between you and the action. Learn more about 8K resolution here.

Won’t I be waiting a long time to watch anything in 8K quality?

Actually, not many people know that 8K broadcast testing has been underway since the London Olympics in 2012. The world’s first test broadcast was already made by the Louvre and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) in November 2016, and NHK plan to commence 8K satellite broadcasting in December 2018, with a view to broadcasting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to the world in 8K quality.

2020 is a long way off. Is there anything I can watch in 8K quality now?

Absolutely. To ensure everyone can start enjoying the benefits of our QLED 8K TVs straight away, Samsung has developed an image upscaling engine, supported by a dedicated quantum processor, which uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to upgrade existing content to 8K quality with stunning results. This means you’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite films and TV shows that you already own in an upgraded quality that takes advantage of all those extra pixels you have at your disposal. Native 8K games, TV shows, and movies won’t take long to arrive either. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 became the first film to have been shot entirely in 8K quality back in April 2017, so the content does already exist. Watch this space.

OK… What’s an image upscaling engine?

Without getting too technical, Samsung built a dedicated server farm to analyse millions of pieces of visual content in various resolutions. These servers used machine learning to develop a highly advanced algorithm that is used to automatically ‘fill in the blanks’ on lower resolution content and upgrade it to 8K resolution. Think of it like an art restorer, who painstakingly restores old paintings to their former glory, but one who does this on every individual frame of action being watched on the screen in real time.

And what’s a quantum processor?

Basically a very, very, very powerful computer processor, which powers the engine filling in the blanks. It’s the component that adapts the engine to restore details that were lost when the original content was converted into lower resolution formats. It also removes unwanted noise from the picture and sharpens on-screen text, so it’s crisp and detailed, as the director intended.

what is 8k tv

Enter a new era of TV

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Our revolutionary QLED 8K TVs are available to buy. You can now experience perfect reality, with over 33-million pixels at your disposal. If you’re still undecided, why not find out more about QLED 8K TVs and the amazing features of QLED technology.