comparison of normal TV and QLED TV

What is QLED?

QLED stands for quantum dot light-emitting diode. These LED TVs include an advanced and highly durable quantum dot layer, which enhances picture quality. This layer is combined with a special blue LED to create the purest white light possible, which means QLED TVs deliver the highest brightness levels currently on the market. Plus, QLED offers the largest colour palette with billions of shades, compared to millions in a standard LED TV, so the experience is closer to being at the cinema. (Popcorn not included.)

Hang on. What are quantum dots?

Without going into the (rather complicated) science, quantum dots emit vivid and precise colour when light hits them, which refines the colours to the ideal temperature and enhances brightness instantly. This means you enjoy incredibly precise colours and your viewing experience is exactly how the director intended. Enjoy picture perfect viewing from the comfort of your own home.

What is OLED?

OLED stands for ‘organic light-emitting diode’. These displays are made of organic compounds that light up when fed electricity, and shut down completely without it. This means that OLED screens have to use the pixels as a backlight. A single OLED is the size of one pixel, so millions of them light up and shut off independently to fill a screen.


Similar names, different technology – which one is best for you?
Great, more acronyms – said nobody, ever. However, if you’re serious about buying the best TV, then these are the two acronyms you need in your vocabulary. As we have seen, OLED, on the one hand, offers incredible contrast that delivers true blacks; QLED, on the other hand, offers the brightest and most vibrant colours on the market.

Who makes what?

Samsung is focusing on QLED technology to deliver their best picture quality. You’ll find OLED screens in other branded TVs.

Which has the best picture?

Each technology has different strengths. Here are a few areas to consider.


Enjoy full colour in the latest movies. Only Samsung QLED TVs are certified to deliver 100% colour volume*, making movie nights spectacular and enabling you to experience the sport as if you’re in the stadium. See over a billion colours and shades brought to life. Samsung's QLED technology, unlike other technologies, is able to transform light into breath-taking colour without degradation over time.

*100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE


Thanks to those quantum dots, QLED TVs can really crank up the brightness. QLED technology delivers the highest brightness levels of any TV to date. Brightness is a critical to delivering a realistic picture with a high dynamic range (HDR). Only Samsung QLED delivers exceptional detail as the creators intended, with HDR levels up to 4000 in our 8K TVs. While OLED TVs are best watched in the dark, QLED TVs can be viewed in any lighting condition and are the best at delivering the brightness required for the latest HDR content. So, if you watch TV in a bright room, these are the displays for you.


QLED TVs are the best for gaming as they have the fastest refresh times, which, as any seasoned gamer will know, could be the difference between sweet, sweet victory and losing your last life.

Black level

Deeper blacks allow for higher contrast which can deliver a striking image. Both technologies perform well here, though take different approaches. OLED screens turn off the pixels to deliver blacks, while QLED screens use direct backlight dimming (Direct Full Array), which delivers exceptional black levels to compete with any OLED screen. Samsung also recently introduced a new anti-reflective layer on our QLED TVs, to make blacks appear deeper than ever.


All Samsung QLED TVs come with a 10-year screen burn warranty. Screen burn is a permanent defect on the TV display that is caused by having static images on the screen over a period of time, sometimes even as little as one hour. Content that might cause this could be channel logos, news tickers, black bars from movies or head-up displays on games. Only Samsung can offer a 10-year screen burn warranty, because QLED TVs are made of inorganic material that can deliver consistently bright and vivid images for years to come.