What size screen should I buy?

What size screen should I buy?

Size matters. Choose the right TV for your room.

The right screen size for you depends on a number of factors.
Too small and you’ll find yourself squinting; too big and it could dominate the room. The main thing to consider is how far from the TV you’ll be sitting, although screen resolution and whether you’ll be wall mounting the TV are important too.


The higher the resolution, the closer you can sit before the screen becomes pixelated. So you can sit much closer to 4K TVs than HD TVs. See our section on calculating size below to learn how your distance from the screen affects the size of display you should get.

Wall mounting

You’ll increase the viewing distance if you mount your TV on the wall (TVs on top of a unit sit further forward), which could mean the difference between a 65” and a 75” TV. If you’re not planning to hang yours on the wall, make sure you take the depth of the stand into account.

Calculating size

Time for a little maths. As a rough guide, measure the distance between where the TV will be placed and where you will sit, in inches; and then multiply by 0.84 to determine your ideal screen size. So, if you're around 2.1m (6.9ft) away, go for a 49” TV. Here are a few more we’ve worked out for you.

Screen sizeDistance
40” 1.6m (4.9ft)
55” 2.3m (7.5ft)
75” 3.1m (10.2ft)

Small TVs

You can watch a 32” TV comfortably at around three feet away, which could work well in a bedroom or modest kitchen. Don’t go small just to save money though. A TV that’s too small can look just as out of place as a TV that’s too big. If you’re worried about the screen dominating the room, modern designs have such thin bezels (the frame around a screen) they’re more discreet than you might think. Also, Samsung now offer QLED TVs with Ambient Mode*, which enables your TV to match the style of your home. It allows you to choose a pattern, artwork, photographs, or just a subtle colour to display on your screen. It can even mimic the wallpaper or paintwork on the wall behind, so it seamlessly blends into your space.

*Some features of Ambient Mode require a compatible Android or iOS phone and sufficient space around the TV to operate; it will have varying results on complex wall designs, patterns, and/or unusual colours.

Large TVs

A big screen offers an immersive and cinematic viewing experience, particularly if you’re opting for a 4K or 8K TV. Plus, since bezel sizes have been dramatically reduced, larger screens now take up significantly less space than they used to. So, where before you may have only been able to fit a 60” screen just a few years ago, now you can comfortably fit a 75” screen, allowing you to make the most of your viewing experience within the same space. As they’re fond of saying in America – bigger is always better.

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