What is hdr tv

What is HDR?

Detailed colours. Better contrast. More true-to-life.

This is the leap forward enthusiasts are all taking about.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) TVs display deeper blacks and
brighter whites, with loads more detail in every shade.
HDR will upgrade your viewing experience to an eye-popping
explosion of perfectly-pitched colour. For the best experience,
we combine HDR with the superior brightness and
100% colour volume* that’s only offered by
the latest Samsung TVs.

*100% colour volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE

Is HDR an alternative to 4K?

You don’t have to choose between HDR and 4K; you’ll find most new 4K sets have HDR compatibility. While the higher resolution of a 4K TV gives you more pixels, HDR can do more with those pixels. Find out more about 4K here.

Just how good is the picture?

As already stated in the introduction, HDR TVs offer more accurate colours that are akin to real life, especially if you are watching on a 4K or now 8K TV. Though, to truly appreciate the benefits, you will need to be watching HDR content on a superior HDR TV.

Not all HDR TVs are equal

The higher the brightness, the more vivid and realistic your picture can be. Only Samsung delivers exceptional detail as the creators intended with HDR levels up to 4000 nits. Never miss the detail in the dark shadows of a horror movie, or the bright sun-filled scenes of the latest sci-fi. QLED technology delivers the highest brightness levels from any TV to date.

So what can I watch?

HDR content is growing steadily across a number of platforms. Here’s how you can take advantage of the technology right now.

Ultra HD Blu-rays

For the highest-quality viewing experience, Ultra HD Blu-rays are your best bet. These support both 4K and HDR technology. There’s an increasing number of films available, including the recent blockbusters, Black Panther and Blade Runner 2049, as well as the stunning nature documentary, Planet Earth, but be aware that you’ll need an Ultra HD Blu-ray player to watch them.

Streamed content

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video support HDR content. Netflix offers titles such as Marco Polo and several movies from the Marvel franchise, while Amazon has Mozart in the Jungle, Sneaky Pete and seasons one and two of Transparent. For more choice, you can rent or buy HDR films and TV shows on streaming sites like Rakuten.tv. YouTube now also has a dedicated HDR channel, so there’s plenty to explore.


For those with an HDR-compatible computer, this technology promises one of the most realistic, immersive gaming experiences around. HDR provides more depth and presence to graphics that standard HD displays simply can’t match. If you have a Smart TV with HDR technology, hook up your PC and settle in for a thrilling ride. Cross platform HDR-supported games include Hitman, NBA 2K17, Final Fantasy XV and World of Tanks. Or for the ultimate HDR gaming experience, combine an Xbox One X and a 4K or 8K QLED TV.

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