Why should I choose a curved screen?

Better picture quality and a more immersive experience, no matter where you sit.

Curved screens are becoming more popular, and there’s a wide variety of sizes, designs, and technologies to choose from. Aside from looking cool, here’s the low down on their features, to help you decide if a curved display is right for you.

Fully immersive

A curved screen mimics the peripheral vision we use to experience the real world. Samsung uses clever processing to give you the feel of an image wrapping around you to make it feel like you are viewing a wider area. Curving an image also gives it a physical foreground and background, meaning your view is closer to what you see in the real world. It’s these factors that have made curved displays the go-to for gamers and film fans looking for a more realistic viewing experience.

Sharper edges

Because curved screens track the natural shape of your eyes, images look slightly sharper at the edges. That’s why you find curved screens in many cinemas. In fact, the bigger the screen, the more blur you’ll see at the edges of a flat image. So, if you’re thinking about investing in a large TV, a curved design could really make a difference.

Greater Depth

Samsung curved screens have Auto Depth Enhancer technology, which adds layers of contrast for a greater sense of depth for the background, midground and foreground. This allows you to see greater detail and more realistic images, making them perfect for fans of a good sci-fi or horror film, as well as nature documentary enthusiasts, and for gamers, who need to see what’s creeping up on them from the shadows.

More comfortable viewing

Curved screens are a great choice if you want to position your TV in the corner of the room. You’ll get a great view with accurate colour and contrast, wherever you’re sitting, because of the way curved TVs aim light. There’ll be no need to argue over who gets the middle seat, as now every seat can be the best in the house. Curved screens also follow the natural curvature of the eye, which has been medically proven to help reduce eye fatigue* – excellent news for those who enjoy binge-watching series on Netflix.

*SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 47(1):903-906 • May 2016 Eyestrain Caused by Intensive Visual Search Task, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

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