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  • Updated : 07/08/14

Rhapsody is all the music you want to play, right on your TV. Whether you're in the mood for rock, pop, country, jazz — you name it — Rhapsody has it. Perfect for your next party!

• Play millions of songs instantly from every genre
• Queue up music or play radio all night long
• Discover music with playlists, recommendations and new releases
• Listen on your TV, Smartphone and computer

Note: Sign in or sign up using a browser and then download the Rhapsody App through your TV.

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Rhapsody App G00005692830

I love the Rhapsody App because I can listen to my Rhapsody playlists throughout my house and I am nolonger restricted to use my computer. My only regret is the Rhapsody App is not featured on every S... Read More » G00005692830

Debbie111 May 31, 2013

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