Go above and beyond the foundational Knox security that’s built into Samsung device hardware with the Knox Platform for Enterprise container security solution. Built for advanced configuration, management and control, it has been designed to meet the stringent security needs of government and regulated industries.

Knox Platform for Enterprise is the updated Knox Workspace container security solution. It allows IT admins to access the full range of Knox platform features without creating an on-device container. Admins may still deploy the Knox Workspace managed container if they choose.

Separate work from personal easily with a secure container

The keys for encrypting and decrypting the optional Knox Workspace container security solution are derived in the device chipset. Any apps, email or files stored in the secure container are encrypted and can only be accessed when the user enters their PIN, password, pattern or through biometric authentication. IT admins can use various container security tools to manage your enterprise mobile security.

Defense-grade container security

Protect corporate data on a device with government-certified data encryption technology. The Knox Platform for Enterprise container security solution leverages Samsung’s hardware- and software-integrated Knox security architecture, and adds advanced features to meet the stringent needs of most regulated industries.

Logging and analytics

Knox Platform for Enterprise provides powerful container security tools to monitor end-user activities as well as data traffic usage. Government-certified auditing features help to ensure all device usage is under control.

Audit log

Collects comprehensive log events from the device, including container creation/deletion and app installation/removal.

Audit log Audit log

Network platform analytics

Monitors network activity patterns without inspecting the content of data packets.

Network platform analytics Network platform analytics


Remotely checks if the device is rooted or running unauthorized firmware.

Attestation Attestation

Robust VPN connectivity

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a common way of transferring sensitive data in and out of a corporate network. The Knox Platform for Enterprise container security solution adds advanced features for granular VPN control and enforced configuration.

Per-app/container/device VPN

To configure the scope of the VPN connection.

Per-app/container/device VPN Per-app/container/device VPN

On-demand VPN

For an optimal connection based on target application usage.

On-demand VPN On-demand VPN

HTTP Proxy over VPN

Allows web proxy settings to function while traffic is flowing over a VPN tunnel.

HTTP Proxy over VPN HTTP Proxy over VPN

Granular device control and management

Remotely manage a fleet of BYOD or corporate-liable devices and push corporate apps and security policies to them. Knox Platform for Enterprise features hundreds of IT policies with regular feature updates and integrates seamlessly with leading EMM solutions. In addition to the basic device, app, email and network configurations, Knox Platform for Enterprise allows IT admins to configure advanced device controls.

Certificate management

Installation and deletion with zero user interaction.

Certificate management Certificate management

Dual APN settings

To assign a different Access Point Name (APN) for particular apps.

Dual APN settings Dual APN settings

Workspace configurations

Restrict employees to work only in the Knox Workspace secure container.

Workspace configurations Workspace configurations

Additional container security features

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