Samsung Galaxy phones and Link to Windows

Link to Windows on Samsung Laptop and Galaxy Phone

Samsung Galaxy phones and Windows PCs work together seamlessly when using Link to Windows. This feature allows you to connect your phone and computer to easily transfer your photos, manage notifications, respond to incoming calls, and send messages. You can also mirror your phone screen on your PC so that you can navigate your phone without ever having to pick it up.

Note: The available features, menu options, screens, and settings may vary by software version, region, and device model.

Set up Link to Windows

Setting up Link to Windows allows you to connect your phone and Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. You’ll be able to use your computer to sync, view, and edit your phone’s contents, such as your documents and photos. Newer Galaxy phones will include the Link to Windows feature, but it’s also available on the Play Store. Before using Link to Windows, make sure your PC has been updated and you’ve added your Microsoft account.

Sign in with a Microsoft account instead highlighted on a PC

Make calls and send messages with Link to Windows

When your phone and PC are connected with Link to Windows, you can make calls and send messages right from your computer. If your phone happens to be across the room, you can also receive messages if you need to quickly reply to a text. You can keep track of your call and message history from your PC as well.

A list of calls in the Your phone app on a PC

Manage your phone notifications with Link to Windows

Your phone’s notifications and alerts can be viewed on your PC when using Link to Windows, so you’ll never miss an important reminder or message. Just sync your phone’s notifications to see them on your PC or customize which apps will send notifications. You can turn off some alerts, keep them all on, or refresh your alerts to check the most recent ones.

Your Phone app displaying Galaxy phone notifications on a PC

Share and transfer files with Link to Windows

If you have tons of images and videos on your phone, you can transfer those files to your PC with Link to Windows. Your recent files will automatically sync from the Gallery app so you can see them on your computer’s screen. You can also copy, share, and save your images and videos if you need to send them in an email or move them to a folder on your desktop.

A list of USB connection options for a Galaxy phone on a PC

Screen mirror your phone with Link to Windows

Link to Windows allows you to mirror your phone’s screen to your PC. You can change your phone’s settings, move files, and open your apps on your computer if you need to give your phone a charging break. Even though your phone’s screen will be off, you can still keep track of things like your phone’s battery life when the screen is mirrored.

Galaxy phone screen displayed on a PC with Your Phone

Additional features

Link to Windows offers some new features to enhance your productivity if you can’t get to your phone right away, or if it needs a charging break. For instance, you can quickly access up to your recently used apps, up to 2,000 Gallery photos, and share website links.

Access your recent apps

  1. Navigate to and open the Your Phone app on your PC, and then select Apps. You’ll see your last used apps under Recently used, and your last visited websites in Samsung Internet under Recent websites.

  2. Right-click an app’s icon to see its options, such as Add to Start or Open in browser. Or, simply open the app by selecting it.

    Note: The available options will differ depending on the app.

  3. Select Add to Start to add the app to your Start menu. Then, open the app from the Start menu, and right-click the app’s icon in the taskbar. Select Pin to taskbar to create a taskbar shortcut.

  4. You can always switch back to using your phone if needed. Unlock your phone’s screen, and then tap OPEN APP HERE on the pop-up message. This will close the app on your PC and open it on your phone.

  5. Access your Gallery

    1. Navigate to and open the Your Phone app on your PC, and then select Photos.

    2. Your photos will automatically sync from the Gallery app, so you can view them on your PC!

    3. Right-click a photo to open, copy, or share it.

Share links

  1. Using your phone, navigate to and open your desired web browser, such as Samsung Internet.

  2. Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), then tap Share, and then tap Link to Windows

    Note: The steps will differ depending on your browser.

  3. Select your PC from the pop-up window. The webpage will open on your PC’s browser!

Send Link to Windows on Galaxy phone


  1. Navigate to and open the Your Phone app on your PC, and then select the Settings icon in the top right corner.

  2. Select Personalization. From here, you can configure your wallpaper and theme settings for the Your Phone app.

  3. You can also show the audio that is playing on your phone.

Configure Galaxy phone wallpaper on Window PC
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