We not only changed the shape of the phone, we changed the shape of tomorrow

Two Samsung Galaxy Fold views - angled side front-view and angled rear-view, showing front screen and triple cameras
Letter 'F' (laying on side), uppercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold
Letter 'o', lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold
Letter 'l' (laying on side), lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold
Letter 'd' (laying on side), lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold


The revolutionary display that folds where others can't

Infinity Flex Display engineered to endure every fold.

Made from bonded layers of innovative polymer material, the 7.3" Infinity Flex Display is engineered to be 50% thinner than other Galaxy displays. It's flexible yet durable enough to maintain its stunning view after being folded and unfolded many times.1

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Corner angle Samsung Galaxy Fold with colorful butterfly graphic on-screen and cross-section of 7.3' Infinity Flex Display
Galaxy Fold unfolded on its back, seen at a three-quarter angle with a blue, orange and green butterfly graphic on-screen. One of the corners comes up to show the innovative layers that make up Infinity Flex Display.

We pioneered new screen and material technologies to create a multilayered display, bonded together to ensure flexibility.

A cinema-grade display on a whole new level.

See movies and games with incredible, vibrant hues. The Dynamic AMOLED display provides HDR10+ color and contrast with Dynamic Tone Mapping to ensure lifelike hues in each scene on-screen.

*Only on Infinity Flex Display.

Angled top-down view of beautiful outdoor landscape of person on middle of mountain overlooking lake at mid-day
Video of a mountainscape overlooking a body of water. The camera zooms out to show a person standing on a rocky area, shown on the Galaxy Fold Infinity Flex Display.

Optimal light
for easier viewing.

The display is engineered to reduce harmful blue light without the use of filters. It keeps colors true while lessening eyestrain.

*Only on the main display.

Abstract blue light emitting illustration (from Samsung Galaxy Fold display) - reduced harmful blue light without filters
Angled top-down side view of beautiful outdoor landscape of person on middle of mountain overlooking lake at mid-day


The backbone of a revolution

Articulated spine delivers precise movement.

We designed an elegant hinge with synchronized gears that are as intricate as a timepiece. It’s housed in an engraved enclosure for clean lines and minimal bezels on the main display. Like the Infinity Flex Display, it's tested and retested for everyday durability.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

4 metallic gears working in synchronicity
Inspired by the precision of watch mechanics, the hinge is tested up to 200,000 folds.2
Samsung Galaxy Fold metal hinge - cross-sectional inside view of innovative internal gear components
Samsung Galaxy Fold metal hinge (dimmed light) - cross-sectional inside view of innovative internal gear components


Materials and colors that define the future

Dynamic finishes with a premium feel

Explore the future of color with dazzling, dynamic finishes that change with the light. Each unique hue is made from highly polished glass for a premium feel.

Two Samsung Galaxy Folds folded, angled front-view over angled rear-view - showing triple cameras, hinge & side buttons

Letter 'F' , uppercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold Letter 'o', lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold Letter 'l', lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold Letter 'd' (laying on side), lowercase - Samsung Galaxy Fold

Customizable colors that express your style.

Experiment with custom, futuristic colors or reach for a luxurious classic. Mix and match your finish and hinge to find your style.

*Model and color availability may vary depending on country or carrier.

*On-screen image simulated for illustration purposes.

See all color combinations


Open up to a tablet. Fold it shut for a smartphone.

Front-view top-down of Samsung Galaxy Fold unfolded screen showing vibrant blue, green & orange butterfly graphic
Front-view top-down of Samsung Galaxy Fold unfolded blank dark screen showing inner inside dual cameras and phone bezels
Front-view top-down of Samsung Galaxy Fold folded screen showing vibrant green  graphic
Front-view Samsung Galaxy Fold folded blank dark screen showing front selfie camera  and left-side hinge

Two display sizes on one incredible device.

The 4.6" cover display allows for easy one-handed use. Open it up to reveal the tablet-sized, 7.3" main display for a more immersive view.1


One UI

Get what you need
when you need it

One UI is designed for how you use your phone: with one hand. Less clutter, less friction, less putting all your stuff down to use your phone.
Learn more about ONE UI

Samsung Galaxy S10 Video with All In One UI - Get All Your Important Content in One Easy-to-Navigate User Interface
Close video
One UI introduction video shows how One UI has simplified the Galaxy phone experience, from notifications to icons and more. It shows how the typography has been softened with rounded corners, as have the shapes in the app interfaces. It also shows how the viewing area and interaction areas have been adjusted. Text appears in the video that says “Physical design echoed in software”, “Focus on the task at hand”, “See only what you need”, “Interact naturally”, “Be visibly comfortable”, “Even in the dark”. The video ends with “One UI” and the Samsung logo.

What's in the box

Get ready for the Galaxy Fold

Everything inside will level up your experience

Inside the box, you’ll find the ultra-premium Galaxy Buds and Slim Cover. The Galaxy Buds pair for hands-free music and charge wirelessly in their case while the Slim Cover protects your phone with durable, featherlight Kevlar.
Learn more about GALAXY BUDS

*In-box components may vary depending on model purchased as well as country or region. Excluding cover, black components only available with black devices and all other device colors will receive white components in box.

Flat lay view Galaxy Fold accessories Slim Cover, Galaxy Buds, Data Cable, Travel Adapter, Ejection Pin, and USB connector.

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