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September 14, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Mobile Phones TL9000 Certified

SEOUL, Korea Sep. 13, 2001 Samsung Electronics has once again been recognized for its excellency on quality management system in notoriously demanding of European mobile phone market. The Samsung Electronica Espanola SA (SESA), the company's Spanish subsidiary, has become the first company ever to receive Technology Leadership 9000 (TL9000) certification in the Hardware category. TL9000 is the most advanced quality control system in the telecommunications industry.

The TL9000 quality assurance standards are likely to emerge as a new set of prerequisites to international trade. By becoming TL9000 certified, the local GSM phone plant in Spain will be able to strengthen its hold on the market.

Importantly, Samsung Electronics is the only mobile phone maker with a presence in Europe to have received the TL9000 certification. This opportunity serves to elevate brand recognition and is expected to help boost sales.

Importantly, TL9000 includes an obligatory index that provides feedback from users on the quality of products and services that results from the quality control systems for each separate category.
Samsung's receipt of the TL9000 certification means an endorsement by the hard-to-please European mobile phone users.

Samsung is now adhering to the most advanced quality control system and expects to both shorten delivery times and save on production costs. The reliability of customer services is enhanced, and product uality will continue to improve.

TL9000 is a set of quality standards that was established at the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunication (QUEST) Forum, a gathering of
165 operators and hardware manufacturers mainly from the US and including such market leaders as AT&T, Nokia and Ericsson in 1999.
TL9000 differs from other quality standards insofar as it provides quality stipulations for three separate categories Hardware, Software and Services.

It is based on ISO 9001 and includes 81 additional stipulations 11 indices for performance assessment. As such, TL9000 is the most reliable certification system available today.

SESA established a GSM handset plant in Spain in 1999. This facility has been on the front line of Samsung's efforts to build a strong reputation for mobile phones in Europe, and the Spanish subsidiary has performed its task very well. It first began mass producing mobile phones in January 2000 and boasts an annual production capacity of 1.5 million units which enables Samsung to adeptly respond to a rapidly changing market place.

Last month, Samsung Electronics was selected as an official supplier for the Orange Group, Europe's largest telecommunications operator. By receiving the TL9000 certification, Samsung has proven once again its superior handset quality and technology to the entire world.

According to Vice President Kim Woon-sup, chief of the Planning & Administration Team in the Electronics Information & Communications Business Division, "The TL9000 certification of our local mobile phone plant in Europe will elevate the quality of our handsets to an even higher level. We expect that this will facilitate our efforts to make further inroads into the GSM markets of France, Germany, the UK and so on."

Samsung Electronics continues to build brand value and increase handset sales worldwide. The company is confident that it can emerge as the world

's top mobile phone maker.

Reference Data

TL9000 Quality Assurance Standards
TL9000 is a quality assurance standard designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. The standard was enacted at the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunication Forum, a gathering of leading operators and hardware manufacturers in the US and elsewhere, in November 1999.

TL9000 is based on the broad ISO 9001 quality control standards aimed at

all industries and includes more specific stipulations for

telecommunications. Importantly, TL9000 includes obligatory performance

measurements and can be used to benchmark each area within the

telecommunications industry.

TL9000 Features

- The system reflects various user demands in order to achieve the highest

possible quality products and services.
- The system encompasses everything from new product planning to

maintenance, repair and product life cycle.
- The system promotes smooth communication between buyers and suppliers and

helps too maintain better relations.
- The system improves the Costs of Poor Quality structure.

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductors, the

consumer electronics industry, and digital convergence technology. With

year 2000 sales of US $33 billion, Samsung employs approximately 66,000

people in 46 countries. The company is the world's largest producer of

memory chips, TFT-LCDs, CDMA mobile phones and monitors and the

sixth-largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Samsung Electronics consists

of four main business units: Digital Media, Semiconductor, Information &

Communications, and Home Appliance Businesses. For more information,

please visit http://samsungelectronics.

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