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October 16, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDI Develops World First Multi Display Tube...

On October 10, Samsung SDI (CEO Soon-Taek Kim) announced that it has developed an MDT that can be used for both multimedia computer monitors and digital TVs. Dubbed Fusion CRT, it boasts the world's brightest and highest-quality image.

The new brainchild of Samsung SDI not only boasts 2.5 times more luminance, but 15% sharper contrast compared to existing color CDTs. It is, indeed, the best-in-class among all existing image displays in the world in terms of resolution (19?screen: 3.5 million pixels, 17?screen: 2.8 million pixels) and full range of color realization.

Currently, color CRTs come in two different types: color picture tube (CPT) for TV and color display tube (CDT) for computer monitors. Samsung SDI was successful in bringing together two different features of CPT and CDT to present the world's first MDT.

MDT has attracted the attention of industry leaders with its versatile applications for digital TV, Internet TV and computer monitors. Display companies are investing heavily in the development of multiple display tubes.

Ahead of its rivals, Samsung SDI successfully developed 17-inch and 19-inch MDT screens after thorough market research and analysis. The MDT is completely compatible for any image display such as in digital TVs, DVDs and 3-D games. Moreover, it produces a clear picture and superior resolution making it perfect for a variety of uses, including the Internet, computer-aided drawing or simple documentation.

Connect your computer with an MDT display, a digital TV receiving card and one of those digital game sets, for a totally new experience. See what the screen offers in terms of color and texture. This is why people in the IT and display industries are keenly interested in the new products.

MDT welcomes you to another world in digital broadcasting, and you won't need an expensive digital TV set or a set-top box.

Samsung SDI's successful development of MDT is the envy of world industry leaders, even technologically advanced Japanese rivals. It is indeed a revolutionary display concept achieved through Samsung SDI's cutting-edge, patented technology, including nano-filter coating, high-luminance electron guns and Dyna Flat-X.

As a result of the inventive application of nano-technology to display products, Samsung's nano-filter coating technology was applied to the MDT. That application has led not only to creating full natural colors, but also to improving contrast

Since November 2000, Samsung SDI has devoted its human and capital resources to developing the MDT. The R&D team, comprised of 20 core researchers and funded with one billion won, has been awarded a total of 30 patents, including 19 patents received overseas. Such an achievement is a clear testament of Samsung SDI's world-class expertise in display.

The display giant will launch mass production at its Busan plant, turning out 150,000 17?MDT screens per month. Production lines are under renovation to produce 19?MDT screens as well, and they will open by the first quarter of next year. Samsung SDI also has a plan to replace its CDT production lines at its plants in Suwon and Busan with MDT lines.

From the very beginning of MDT development, Samsung SDI identified its challenges as cost reduction and utilization of local parts. It also made the most of its vast resources of CRT expertise and technology, accumulated through its 30 years' devotion to the industry. The successful development of MDT placed Samsung SDI in a better position to further expand its share in the CRT market.

Product samples have already introduced in Japan, Taiwan, Europe and China, where they were received well by international IT manufacturers. In fact, Samsung SDI is flooded with purchase orders from major monitor set companies worldwide.

Mr. Soon-Taek Kim, CEO of Samsung SDI, says that MDT's reasonable price, outstanding features, excellent picture quality and perfect image realization capability will surely boost sales in the rather-depressed world computer market.

He also emphasizes that based its competitive strength in the CRT business, Samsung SDI will be the undisputed leader.

MDT will make its debut at the Korea Electronics Show 2001 on October 11 and at the Comdex Fall 2001 in the following month. Samsung SDI will take full advantage of the much-anticipated entry to promote its new product.

Samsung SDI's record-breaking progress, however, is nothing new. Last year, Samsung SDI developed i-tron, a full flat CRT for ultra slim wide digital TV. It was highly praised as a dream CRT, 5 kg lighter and 101 mm slimmer than similar full flat CRTs produced by its competitors.

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