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SAMSUNG Electronics Develops SOC Devices for Next-generation Digital Audio Products

SEOUL, Korea - December 21, 2001 - The market for next-generation mobile audio products such as MP3 players, hand-held CD-MP3 players and PDAs is surging, and Samsung Electronics is emerging as a leading supplier of core components for this product segment. The company has completed development of a single chip that incorporates a 16-bit micro-controller unit (MCU), 24-bit digital signal processor (DSP), 96KByte cache SRAM, LCD controller and Universal Serial Bus (USB) - part number S3CC410X . Samsung officials have announced plans to begin mass-producing their latest system-on-chip (SOC) device in January 2002.

The new SOC incorporates CalmRISC core, which integrates the company's own 16bit MCU and a 24-bit DSP coprocessor, thereby lowering the power consumption requirement. As such, the SOC device is well suited for use in mobile applications.

Importantly, this product can decompress ten color CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) images per second, while the built-in LCD controller will display those images on the LCD screen. As a result, the user can view notes or lyrics while listening to music.

Samsung Electronics has also installed DSP software that enables the playback of music files in various formats such as MP3, Advanced Audio Coding (ACC) or Windows Media Audio (WMA). The device can also compress audio data into MP3 format and be used to support MIDI or sound effects.

The latest version has greatly expanded image processing and MCU functions compared to the SOC device, part number S3FB42F, launched last August. The company plans to come out with yet another upgrade-an SOC with 32-bit MCU-in the first half of next year.

In addition, the audio playback and compression technology used on the current version will help Samsung Electronics make further inroads into the market for SOC components for products that need digital music formats such as digital TVs, DVD players and set-top boxes.

According to Dataquest, the world market for digital audio products is estimated at 4.3 million units this year and is expected to surge to around 6.5 million units in 2002.

= Terminology =

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
MIDI is a protocol that supports sound card makers by enabling music recording or playback over a digital synthesizer. Originally, as the name implies, MIDI was a way to control the sounds of various musical instruments on a single keyboard. However, the technology was quickly adopted for PCs. MIDI does not present musical sounds directly; rather, it transmits data related to musical files.

This is a type of audio compression technology standardized by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG-1). Music quality close to that reproduced by a compact disc is maintained, while compression is some 50 times higher than a CD.

ACC (Advanced Audio Coding)
This technology compresses the original sound data 10-12 times for storage and then restores it for playback. The official designation is MPEG2-AAC, whereas it is known as MP4 in Korea.

WMA (Windows Media Audio)
This new audio codec developed by Microsoft provides quality music at sample rates between 8 to 48 kilohertz. An improved encoding algorithm enables music files to be made smaller than ever before, so encoding is much faster. The time required for downloading is half that of other files, while only half as much storage capacity is taken up. .

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