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Bringing all “MITs” Together :Mobile Phone, TV, PC, Camera, Camcorder, Navigator, MP3 Player and 2-way Radio

SAMSUNG Electronics Introduces the MITs M400 Multifunctional Mobile Terminal
- This is a classic example of digital convergence, integrating a mobile phone with a TV, camera, camcorder and other devices.
- The product comes loaded with Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition, Hangul Version, an operating system co-developed by SAMSUNG and Microsoft.
- Complete compatibility offered with Microsoft Office, providing the full range of “pocket office” functions such as MSN access, Word, Excel and scheduler.
- Mobile office and multimedia entertainment environments are rolled into one.
- Produce comes with 3.5” display and 128MB standard memory expandable to 512MB.

SAMSUNG Electronics Develops Strategic New-generation Lineup.
- The company will introduce 6-7 new products in the US and Europe this year, grabbing an early lead in the world market for MITs.
- Various onboard operating systems will be available—Microsoft Palm, Symbian, Linux—to accommodate diverse user environments.
- The SAMSUNG products will serve as hubs for all electronic devices in the era of ubiquitous computing.

SAMSUNG Electronics has played a leading role in making the mobile phone into a luxury item.
Now, the company is unveiling a product line opening that takes mobile functions to an unprecedented level.

The recently developed MITs M400 works as a mobile phone, TV, PC, digital camera, camcorder, navigator, MP3 player, and 2-way radio. This handheld terminal is a classic example of digital convergence. The operating system is the Hangul (Korean script) version of Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition. This version, co-developed by SAMSUNG Electronics and Microsoft, supports a powerful, easy-to-use Korean script interface for multimedia applications.

The MITs M400 operating system includes Microsoft Word, Excel and scheduler. Users can prepare documents anytime and anyplace and freely exchange data with the conventional Microsoft Office software for PCs. Direct MSN access is also available. Other programs can be installed for Yonhap News access, online securities trading, insurance policy design or corporate Internet functions, giving the user a complete mobile office environment.

The MITs M400 features a built-in 300,000-pixel digital camera/camcorder that swivels 270 degrees for easy still shots or video clips, which can be stored and played back. The product currently comes with a maximum built-in memory capacity of 128MB memory and a slot that can expand onboard memory to 512MB.
The built-in TV tuner allows users to view regular TV channels (KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS in Korea) free of charge. TV images can be recorded as well.

The 3.5” high-quality TFT-LCD can be freely adjusted for either portrait or landscape viewing. The Windows Media Player plays back video files and MP3 files just as on a PC, providing a full range of entertainment options.

Wireless infrared (IrDA) links are possible for exchanging data with other terminals. A Push to Talk button can be used to turn the device into a 2-way radio, a particularly handy feature at large events.

An optional navigation system can be installed for drivers, providing voice recognition, voice services and 3D images.

The world MITs market, which includes smart phones and PDAs, is estimated to be 15 million units this year. IDC data released during the first quarter stated SAMSUNG Electronics held a 5.1% share of the world market for multifunctional terminals, ranking the company fourth overall. This market is forecast to experience explosive growth and severe competition is expected among not only Nokia and Motorola and other mobile phone makers but also software makers like Microsoft and PDA manufacturers such as Palm and Handspring.

SAMSUNG Electronics unveiled its first MITs in the US in the second half of 2001. In September 2002, the company released its MITs M330 in the domestic market for the first time.

SAMSUNG’s export of MITs models continues to grow. In May of this year, SAMSUNG began supplying the SPH-i700 to Verizon, the largest operator in the US and the first shipments of the SPH-i500 were made to Sprint in July.

Bolstered by its growing presence in the US and Korea, SAMSUNG Electronics is now taking aim at the European market. The company plans to introduce 6-7 MITs models worldwide this year.

SAMSUNG is cultivating the MITs as a strategic next-generation product. Thus, the company continues to develop new models that come with various operating systems (Microsoft, Palm, Symbian, Linux) to satisfy diverse markets and user needs.

SAMSUNG Electronics Telecommunications Network President Ki Tae Lee says, “SAMSUNG’s MITs product swill service as a hub for all electronics products in the upcoming era of ubiquitous computing. We expect both our exports and domestic sales of our MITs to surge in the days ahead.”

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