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September 29, 2003 in Social Responsibility News

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SAMSUNG Announces Breakthrough: 4Gigabit NAND, Advanced Nanometer Process Technologies, and New Concept Fusion Memory Solution

- Leveraging design and manufacturing leadership, SAMSUNG demonstrates new memory development curve of two-fold density growth every 12 months.

Seoul Korea, September 29, 2003 ? SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today announced development of an array of next generation memory technologies designed to meet the requirements of the fast changing digital environment. Leveraging its industry leadership in design and manufacturing, SAMSUNG announced the world’s first 70nanometer (nm) 4Gigabit (Gb) NAND Flash memory and an 80nm DRAM device. In addition, the company announced a single chip memory solution, called fusion memory, which takes the multi-chip package and system-in-package concepts one step further to deliver a single design combining memory and logic.

"SAMSUNG's bullish strategy of investing heavily in next generation design and manufacturing technologies has enabled the company to offer a unique portfolio of advanced memory devices designed to meet the challenges of convergence and mobility in tomorrows digital marketplace," said Dr. Chang Gyu Hwang, president of SAMSUNG’s memory division. ”Stand-alone memory components are facing tough new demands from digital convergence in mobile and digital consumer markets and SAMSUNG’s advanced memory solutions will play a key role in enabling new generations of digital products.”

4Gb NAND Flash Memory In 70nm Process TechnologySAMSUNG’s world first 4Gb NAND flash is the fourth generation of NAND flash memory, following a growth curve that doubles its density every twelve months: 256Mb in 1999, 512Mb in 2000, 1Gb in 2001, 2Gb in 2002, and 4Gb in 2003. Development of the 4Gb NAND flash design demonstrates NAND’s high growth potential once again.

At the new higher density levels, nonvolatile memory is now a viable choice for solid-state data storage, replacing magnetic tapes and low-density hard disk drives. NAND flash will also target mobile applications, such as notebook PCs, tablet PCs, mobile handsets, MP3 players and PDAs, that have space, weight and power constraints.

SAMSUNG’s 4Gb NAND flash memory incorporates a 70nn node design to achieve the industry’s smallest memory cell size of 0.025um2. The 4Gb NAND flash is the industry’s first to feature a 300-angstrom tungsten gate, which reduces inter-cell resistance and noise level to ensure higher performance in multi-gigabit memory designs. SAMSUNG expects the new tungsten gate to be adaptable in up to 50nm designs.

The 70nm node also opens the door to higher economies of scale. A simple comparison of 70nm over the previous 90nm will instantly boost production by 50 percentThe global market for NAND flash memory is expected to jump from $3 billion in 2003 to $16 billion by 2007, showing a more than five-fold volume increase in just four years. SAMSUNG expects to maintain its lead in the NAND flash market with a 65 percent market share. The company is targeting 70 percent annual growth in NAND Flash sales from $400 million in 2001, $1.1billion in 2002 and onwards.

DRAM in 80nm Process TechnologyIn DRAM technology, SAMSUNG announced an 80nm 512Mb monolithic device. The new device has adopted Recess Channel Array Transistor (RCAT) technology to enhance data refresh features. The introduction of the 80nm node for DRAM ushers in a three-dimensional design technology, covering less area than the linear cell structure. The RCAT technology minimizes cell size by building a three-dimensional transistor to pair each capacitor in the DRAM circuitry, significantly enhancing density. The new DRAM utilizes low resistance tungsten gates for higher performance and low temperature, and a high-k oxide process for low voltage requirements that goes beyond 1.5V, a standard feature of DDR3 DRAM.

Mass production of the cutting edge technology will begin with 1Gb to 512Mb densities at 3Gigabit per second and faster speeds.

Fusion Memory
In addition to the new 4Gb NAND flash and 80nm DRAM devices, SAMSUNG also announced a new concept in memory design called Fusion Memory.Fusion memory is an integrated, single-chip that combines high-density memory and logic, together with software availability. The first Fusion memory device is a 512Mb NAND flash memory with logic interface built on a single piece of silicon, called OneNAND™. Availability of the OneNAND™ will reduce system manufacturer’s cost and time-to-market as they will no longer need to optimize the system environment around the NAND flash.

SAMSUNG expects that the new Fusion technology will drive acceptance of NAND only system designs to replace NOR Flash+Memory combinations in applications with high data processing throughput requirements.

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