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October 30, 2003 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Wireless Olympic Works

What is WOW?
WOW ? short for Wireless Olympic Works ? is an initiative from Samsung designed to bring the power of digital information technologies to the A THENS 2004 Olympic Games. Samsung's belief in the power of wireless technology has been crystallized into a unique and innovative information tool based on handheld devices such as mobile phones, Smart (PDA) Phones , designed to help ATHOC (ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games) officials and organizers run the Olympic Games effectively and smoothly. WOW enables them to receive the Olympic information by wireless, while the information is currently available only on fixed line-environment. In conjunction with the Olympic Worldwide Partner Schlumberger and the Grand National Sponsor Cosmote under the auspices of ATHOC, Samsung has created the most sophisticated and reliable sports information wireless communications equipment.
The wireless vision
At previous Olympic Games, information about individual sporting events, results, athletes and accommodation has only been available to officials with direct access to the information source. Prior to the 1960s, this involved vast amounts of paper and inconceivable amounts of highly inefficient manual effort; in the modern era, even PCs connected to huge Games databases and the wider Internet have not fully solved the problems associated with an event routinely involving tens of thousands of athletes, hundreds of thousands of spectators and a huge number of organizers and officials. WOW is the first system that begins to address these issues. The advent of new wireless technology now makes it possible to provide critical information to the people who need it, wherever they may be and at any time.
WOW has been designed to ensure that officials, VIPs and ATHOC staff can access the information to make the running of the A THENS 2004 Olympic Games more efficient and more flexible than it has ever been before. In conjunction with some key technology partners and both the IOC and ATHOC, Samsung has combined its deep expertise in digital communications technology with its most advanced handheld mobile devices . The result is the first ever wide-scale, fully operational wireless information system for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games .
>WOW ? built on standards
Modern mobile devices such as mobile phones and Smart (PDA) Phones are powerful and flexible tools. Like their PC counterparts, they now routinely include functions that allow their owners to get information from public WAP and websites, send email, receive messages in text form and, of course, make phone calls. This power and flexibility makes them ideal tools for workers at events such as the Olympic Games, who may be widely spread out, in remote locations and far from central sources of information. Samsung is harnessing this power and introducing it into this unpredictable environment, providing the people who run the Games unparalleled access to information about everything from venues to event results and customer services.
Due to it being based on existing, well-tested technologies and standards including Client/Server, Java, WAP, SMS, and GPRS, WOW is a solid and reliable system that has been designed to be as safe and robust as a fixed-line alternative such as an Internet-enabled PC. It does not replace the operations management technology that already provides the backbone of the Games; instead, it integrates closely with existing systems and exploits the information that has been previously tied up in the fixed-wire infrastructure, allowing it to be broadcast to wherever it is needed. Critically, the wireless technology of WOW will enable a more cost -effective and budget-relieving operation and allow the Games ' administrators to deploy staff and resources much more efficiently in future Olympics Games .
What can WOW do?
WOW has been designed to handle a vast array of information and services that are a routine part of the daily lives of the people who run the Olympic Games and support its spectators. Some examples:

Accessing scoring information from events in progress
Inform ing event results and updating medal tables
Locating nearest resources such as toilets, hotels, restaurants and other facilities near a specific venue
Displaying maps of venues
Group messaging from ATHOC HQ to staff on-site for the effective running of the Olympic Games

With WOW, all of these things and many more can be done by staff on-site from their mobile device without the need for constant access to a PC or other terminal. There are four main components of the WOW system:
•  Mobile INFO2004. Mobile INFO2004 ? known as m-INFO2004 for short ? is a wireless information portal, accessed through a mobile phone. Using one of Samsung's latest handsets, users of m-INFO2004 will be able to access news about the Games, schedules and results of particular events, medal tallies and a host of other information ? all with a few clicks of the keys on their Samsung mobile. Information is accessed via the Smart phones and mobile phones. Samsung will be supplying ATHOC officials, staff and VIPs with a range of handsets that best suit individuals and specific tasks.
•  Information on Demand. Known as IOD, this component of the WOW system will provide automatic alerts and updates on event results and Medal acquiring report of selected country , direct to the handset. Users can choose the events and information they want to be kept updated on from a Preferences screen in the m-INFO2004 module. When the result of a chosen event is known, it will be automatically sent to the phone in the form of a text message.
•  Olympic Community Messaging. OCM for short, this messaging service will help to keep officials and participants up-to-date with important information about the Games and help manage issues such as cancellations or rescheduling of events. OCM itself has three components - the Official Announcement Notification service will be used to send important announcements to Games officials; the Emergency Alert Messaging service will send information to the emergency services in case of accidents or fires; and the Olympic Staff Schedule Alerting service will be used to keep staff updated on schedules and events, automatically alerting groups of people about changes or updates according to their role or a specific venue, for example.
•  Mobile Content. Samsung has developed a wide array of entertaining content for users of the WOW service, including Olympic songs, ring tones, and special games .
All of the WOW services have been designed with security in mind, and can only be accessed by authorize personnel. Only the users of the Olympic Official devices can access to WOW system with only the authorized phone number. If a device is lost or stolen, the security system blocks the use of the phone completely and alters the device into unauthorized one.
The WOW partnership
Due to the scale and complexity of WOW, Samsung is working with experienced partners and co-sponsors to build a system that is highly reliable, robust and secure. Samsung itself is responsible for the overall management of WOW, as well as the supply of hardware in the form of handsets and smart phones; development of the core WOW software; the Mobile-INFO2004, IOD and OCM applications; and the final presentation of information to the end user. Its key partners are responsible for other critical areas of the technology:
ATHOC , the ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee, has been involved in the design and specification of WOW from its inception and has fully approved and authorize the use of the system by its thousands of officials and staff. ATHOC will be providing the data links and 2 megabytes internet circuit, covering all administration costs and additional telecommunications fees and supplying all network's components (routers, switches and firewalls). In addition ATHOC will be responsible for training users, inputting and sending staff and emergency service alerts and many other vital administrative functions.
Schlumberger , the official Information Technology sponsor of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games , is building the core data and transfer interface for WOW. One of its main tasks is the management of the main INFO2004 database which drives the applications in the handheld devices. Schlumberger will incorporate key event, results, records and other data from the on-venue results system and Games management software into the database, ready for transmission to the core WOW system via XML and other data management methods. It is also designing and managing the Internet data feeds and information diffusion systems that carefully control the flow of information backwards and forwards between mobile users and the central databases.
Cosmote , the mobile and wireless telecomms subsidiary of the Greek Telecommunications Organization (OTE), is responsible for the wireless network which will be used to transmit the data. Cosmote's GPRS data network will handle the transmission of information from the WOW core to the end-users, and it will also provide SMS and WAP gateways for handling message and browsing traffic to and from the WOW databases.
WOW will redefine the way in which international sporting events are organized and managed. Simple for users to understand and operate, it is the first system to address the specialized needs of the Olympic Games and its supporting staff using the latest wireless standards. As such, it represents one of Samsung's most important contributions to the sporting world. Samsung and WOW are setting new standards for efficiency and organization that will make the first truly wireless Olympic Games more successful than ever before. Samsung is proud to make all these possible in Athens, the birthplace of the modern day Olympic Games.
About the enhanced Samsung Handset
The 2004 Olympic Family can enjoy the enhanced Samsung Handset (especially Smart Phone) features such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and email application which may be used by ATHOC to exchange information internally with fully secured encryption and authentication technologies.

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