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June 09, 1998 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics, First to Complete All Process Technology for 4Gb Chip

SEOUL, Korea - June, 9, 1998 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has completed development of the technology related to all processes required as a prerequisite for producing 4-gigabit semiconductors, devices that will lead the second phase of the global semiconductor market in the 21st century. The company will present its new 0.13-micron circuit processing technology at the VLSI Symposium, being held in Hawaii from 9th to 11th June.


The 0.13-micron semiconductor technology, which can be applied in the production of a prototype 4-Gb device, is the first of its kind in the world. The know-how is 30% more integrated than the 0.18-micron processing technology that Samsung Electronics completed in November 1996 for the production of 1-gigabit devices.

As processing technology gets increasingly minute, the problems of light wavelength size and light refraction grow more acute.

Moreover, the aperture of the lens on advanced production equipment has to be made ever bigger, creating non-focus problems from excessive inflow of unwanted information. Samsung Electronics has managed to resolve all these problems completely.

Samsung Electronics has also applied this new processing technology to its 16M DRAM and has successfully produced a fully-working semiconductor with 0.13-micron circuitry.

Development Significance

The world semiconductor industry now needs next-generation (lithography) equipment that handle electron beams, ArF Excimers, reflected X-rays and so on. Even though the development of 0.13-micron processing technology is considered very difficult without expending huge investments, Samsung Electronics has proven that its new technology can be applied to the KrFExcimer lithography equipment that is currently in use.

Samsung Electronics' breakthrough will reduce the amount of risk associated with massive new investments in the semiconductor intdustry and is expected to bring the 4-gigabit DRAM to market at least three years earlier than previously expected.


The 4-gigabit DRAM is a semiconductor with a four billion bit capacity. This means that a single thumbnail-sized chip can record and store up to 500 million English letters (or the content of some 32,000 standard newspaper pages), 1,600 still pictures or 64 hours of sound data. The device will be a main memory product of the 21st century.

The 0.13-micron process technology needed for the 4-gigabit DRAM designs circuits that are only one-eight hundredth the size of a human hair (a human hair is about 100 microns thick).


VLSI Symposium

The prestigious VLSI Symposium convenes every year in Hawaii and is attended by such industry leading firms as Intel, NEC, IMB, Toshiba and Motorola.

The symposium covers all aspects of semiconductor technology, to include new materials, production processes and designs. This year a total of 230 theses were submitted to the symposium, and after rigorous screening of the top 84, twenty-two sections were chosen for presentation.

Lithographic Equipment

Lithography is the technology for etching circuit patterns inscribed on a mask onto the wafer surface.

Different kinds of lithographic equipment utilize different light sources, which determine the diameter of the lines that can be made.

Lithographic Equipment Types

Name KrF ExcimrerArF ExcimerX-ray E-Beam Light Source KrF ArF X-ray Beam Wavelength248 nm193 nm0.7~1.2 nm--

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