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June 04, 2004 in Social Responsibility News

Cathy Freeman, SAMSUNG's Global Athlete Ambassador, to Begin Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay in Australia

4th June 2004 : Australian sporting legend and Samsung's Global Athlete Ambassador Cathy Freeman will be the first person to run with the Olympic Torch on the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay as the flame begins its worldwide tour in Sydney, Australia on June 4 th .
Cathy was the last Torch Bearer at the person to run with the flame before the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and she will be the first one of thousands of athletes, celebrities, competition winners and local community heroes to carry the flame as it travels the globe .
As a Proud Presenter of the Olympic Torch Relay, Samsung's support has helped this become the first ever truly global relay - traveling over 78,000 km, visiting 27 countries, including Greece, and 34 cities, including Ancient Olympia, in 35 days - embracing communities from all five continents represented by the Olympic rings. These cities include all previous host cities of the Olympic Summer Games as well as cities where the Olympic flame had never previously visited, such as Cairo, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro , before arriving in Athens to signal the start of the 2004 Olympic Games .
Samsung, Worldwide Wireless Communications Equipment Partner of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, will be involved throughout the Torch Relay in every country, helping to build the bridges between nations and celebrate the Olympic S pirit S pirit in reflection of the symbolism of the flame. As Global Athlete Ambassador for Samsung , a Presenting Partner for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay, Cathy will tour along the T orch Relay when the flame travels to through Seoul, Beijing, Paris, London, Rome , and Berlin .
Cathy said: “I was fortunate enough to carry the Olympic Torch and light the flame for the start of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It was one of the greatest moments of my life and I feel very privileged that Samsung has given me the opportunity to be a torchbearer once again. The Olympic Games s symbolize s so much but in particular the Torch resembles the crossing of boundaries and the coming together of cultures regardless of age, gender or race.”
Cathy Freeman is one of several Samsung Athlete Ambassadors who will be taking part in the Torch Relay as a Torch Bearer, including sprinter Darren Campbell (UK), 400 meter hurdler Stephane Diagana (France), swimmer Alessio Boggiatto (Italy), fencing star Andre Wessels (Germany), legendary Spanish cyclist Miguel Indurain , tennis player Elena Dementieva (Russia) , and long jumper Niki Xanthou from host country Greece.
In addition, Samsung is giving thousands of ‘extraordinary' ordinary people who represent the Olympic values of celebration, unity, human scale endeavor and heritage in their communities the honor of carrying the Olympic flame.
There are many inspirational stories of courageous individuals such as Violet Gourley in Northern Ireland who has brought together divided communities in Antrim by forming a charity football club; Andre Martin , 54, a marathon runner from France who works with disabled children and who wants to carry the torch on their behalf ; 17-year-old Mehmet , from Germany who has a disabled right arm and wants to show other handicapped people that it is not the body that represents beauty but inner values; William Weir of Canada who has overcome disabilities to take part in sport; John Fer from the US, a lifelong runner who survived six years a POW in North Vietnam and kept up his physical and emotional fitness by running in place inside his cell; and prominent social activists such as Sandra Jimenez of Mexico and Boray Uras of Istanbul . Samsung Torch Bearers also include famous celebrities and sports stars who will share the Olympic spirit with people from all around the world such as Lan Sang from China (Image Ambassador of Bid for 2008 Olympic Games), Hussien Fahmy from Egypt (Actor) and Daniela Cicarelli from Brazil (Model, TV host).
Jong Yong Yun, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, said, “We are honored that Cathy Freeman will be representing Samsung in Sydney as the first Torch Bearer of the first truly global Olympic Torch Relay. She is an outstanding and inspirational athlete who truly reflects the Olympic value and joins a distinguished and diverse group of individuals from all around the world who will be sharing in the Olympic experience together with Samsung. Samsung's Olympic Torch Bearers truly represent what the Olympic Games is are all about.”
Once the Games is are underway Cathy will be joining other Samsung Athlete Ambassadors and making regular appearances at Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung ( OR@S ), Samsung's Olympic pavilion where athletes and their families can mingle with sports fans and interact with the latest Samsung wireless technologies.

Notes to Editors: Samsung will be undertaking the following activity in its role as official Presenting Partner of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay:
Recognising those who inspire: There will be over 11,000 Torch Bearers for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay who will play a part in carrying the flame around the world. Samsung helped to select 1,800 of these torchbearers - people who best encompass the qualities of humanity that the Olympic Games represent.
City Celebration : Samsung will help organize celebratory events in each region to promote the Torch Relay. These events will be unique for each country to celebrate the local culture and heritage and include large-scale outdoor events, running festivals and roadshow.
Community relations : Through its involvement with the Community Task Force in each city, Samsung will be able to build relations with local government and council officials, law enforcement agencies and emergency services, transport organizations, tourist offices, schools and local media.

Media relations : Throughout all of this activity, Samsung will hold regular press conferences for local and national media, and will webcast the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay through the Samsung website. (www.samsung.com/olympics)
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