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August 26, 2004 in Social Responsibility News

Over 6,000 Olympic Competitors Make Use of Special Facilities to Contact Loved Ones

August 26, 2004 (Athens) - The emotional pressure on competitors and their families when they are thousands of miles away from family and friends can be intense. However, at the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, competitors have a facility that has been designated the ‘Official Meeting place for Athletes and their Families' that provides free telephone and on-line services. Over 6,000 athletes from a huge number of the 202 competing countries have based themselves here and taken time out from the pressure of the Games to make contact with home.
Samsung estimate that over 3,000 athletes have taken advantage of the free call to home ‘Share the Experience Call' that they offered and around 75,000 emails have been made so far from the OR@S facility.
Commenting on this phenomenon, Cathy Freeman (Sydney Gold medalist) and frequent visitor to the OR@S said: “This is really great. It can be very lonely competing at such a high level and the facility that Samsung has provided is invaluable in helping connect people with loved ones. Facilities like the OR@S really make a difference in achieving a successful event for the Olympic Games”.
Competitors from Australia to Zambia have used the facilities at OR@S including names such as: Niki Xanthou , (long jumper) from Greece, Miguel Indurain , ( former Olympic cyclist from Spain), Darren Campbell (200m s printer - UK), Alessio Boggiatto (swimmer from Italy), Andre Wessels (fencer from Germany) and Stephane Diagana (retired 400 meter hurdler from France) .
In fact, whole teams such as the Australian and South African water polo teams have arrived to relax together. Several medalists including Dimosthenis Tambakos, Greek Gold Medallist in gymnastic rings enjoyed the facilities following their success.
As a result of the popularity of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games so far, visitor numbers are far beyond those expected at OR@S. Over 8 00,000 visitors are now expected to visit it during the overall period of the Games, way beyond the 300,000 originally estimated .
The OR@S is the center of a wide range of other activities aimed at entertaining spectators and assisting competitors in order to share the Olympic spirit with everyone. During the Games Samsung has hosted a series of “National Days”, which celebrate the many cultures of Olympic nations . It is also hosting a series of auctions for Olympic memorabilia to raise money for the charity ‘Right To Play'. Fans are able to meet their national heroes and heroines, enjoy musical performances and special laser shows.
The OR@S is located within the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA) next to the Olympic Superstore.
About Samsung

Samsung Electronics employs approximately 88,000 people in 89 offices across 46 countries. The company is the world's third largest producer of mobile phones in quantity and the second largest producer of mobile phones in sales volume. Since 1997 Samsung has been the Olympic Partner in the wireless communications equipment category. And Samsung is a Proud Presenter of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.

For more information, please visit the web site, http://www.samsung.com
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Hyewon Sohn / Tanya Veingard

Samsung Olympic Games Press Office

O: +30 210 003 7257

M: +30 697 225 5617 / +30 697 225 5925

E: hyewon.sohn@ samsung.com

E: tanya_veingard@uk.cohnwolfe.com

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