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October 14, 1998 in Social Responsibility News

Major GSM Phone Exports by SAMSUNG Electronics

Seoul, South Korea - October, 14, 1998 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has begun a major export drive for its Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) handheld phones. On October 10, company officials announced that the first shipment, worth US $1 million, had already been sent directly to European dealers.

Samsung's GSM phone (model: SGH-600) was developed exclusively in-house. It weighs just 95 grams and fits easily into a pocket, making it very easy to carry. The SGH-600 is also very easy to use and offers excellent voice quality, and it has been evaluated to be on a par with the best GSM handsets on the market today.

The SGH-600 complies with GSM Phase 2 standards, which are more sophisticated than the voice-call-based Phase 1 standards. Major features include data transmission, voice-activated dialing, voice messages, and vibration alert.

The SGH-600 boasts a high-quality graphic LCD that conveys the operational status of the handset through easy-to-understand images. The handset can also be connected with a notebook PC so that the user can send fax messages or data files wirelessly.

GSM is a digital cellular telephone format initially selected for use throughout Europe. The first commercial GSM service was launched in 1992, and today there are over 200 GSM service providers in more than 110 countries, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

As the world's first digital cellular phone service, GSM has built up the largest global network. This network is capable of accessing the entire planet.
Last August, the number of global GSM subscribers surpassed the 100 million mark. Industry analysts predict that number to exceed 160 million by the year 2000. This rapid growth is sparking intense competition among leading GSM handset manufacturers such as Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia (with a combined 60% market share) as well as GSM market newcomers such as Samsung Electronics.

In order to develop the GSM hatndset, Samsung Electronics established a new research institute (SERi) in London in 1997. The institute is currently developing new models that promise to enhance Samsung's competitiveness even more.

Samsung Electronics already has established itself as the world market leader for wireless CDMA handsets. Now, the company is developing its own GSM handsets and expects to excel in this new business as well.

In Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., there are three main business units:
. Multimedia & Home Appliances
. Semiconductors
. Information & Telecommunications.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a US $13 billion (1997) flagship company of Korean-based Samsung Group, is a world leader in electronics, with operations in more than 60 countries and 85,000 employees worldwide. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.samsungelectronics.com

Jenny Chung
Overseas PR
Corporate Communications
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Seoul HQ, Korea
Tel. 82-2-727-7692 / 7821
Fax. 82-2-727-7826

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