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March 07, 2005 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Develops World’s Largest (82”) Full HDTV TFT-LCD

- The world’s largest 82-inch TFT-LCD developed at Samsung’s 7G line.

- Viewing angle of 180° achieved by applying Samsung’s proprietary S-PVA technology.

- 12.44 million thin-film transistors used to achieve full HD image quality of 6.22 million pixels.

- Samsung to unveil the 82-inch TFT-LCD at CeBIT 2005 in Hannover, Germany.

SEOUL, Korea – March 7, 2005 – Samsung Electronics, the leading provider of TFT-LCD display panels, announced that it has developed the world's largest 82-inch TFT-LCD. This full HD image quality TFT-LCD panel was developed at the company's new production complex in Tangjeong, Korea. The soon-to-be operational 7 th -generation production facility uses glass substrates that measure 1.87m x 2.20m.
Samsung has made a series of breakthroughs in TFT-LCD technology ahead of the competition over the years. The company developed the first 40-inch model in August 2001, the first 46-inch panel in October 2002, the first 57-inch model in December 2003 and now the first 82-inch panel.
At its 7 th -generation Line 7-1, Samsung can produce two 82-inch panels from a single substrate. Previously, technological limitations prevented the development of LCDs of this size and competitive technologies, such as PDP and DLP technologies, were used to produce such large-sized panels.
Samsung's latest large-screen TFT-LCD offers a variety of features. The company applied its patented Super Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment (S-PVA) technology to achieve extra-wide viewing angles. In addition, the product boasts a low-dispersion color filter and ultra high aperture ratio, achieving a contrast ratio of at least 1200:1 and brightness of 600nit (cd/m²). Response times are at 8ms or faster, providing clear moving picture images. A high-color-saturation backlight raises color saturation to 92% to produce a premium image quality.
Sang Soo Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of the LCD Development Center, states, “Our 82-inch LCD panel proves Samsung Electronics' technological leadership. It uses our proprietary S-PVA technology, eliminating distortion from all angles and offers a 180-degree viewing angle. With this panel, we have achieved the world's best performance in terms of contrast ratio, viewing angle and color saturation.”
Samsung is set to begin operations at the world's first 7 th -generation TFT-LCD production line at Tangjeong, Korea. This facility can be used to produce the company's full line-up of LCD modules for TV: from 23-inch (24 per substrate), 26-inch (18 per substrate) and 32-inch (12 per substrate) to 40-inch (8 per substrate) and 46-inch (6 per substrate).
Samsung Electronics is at least one year ahead of the competition in terms of using 7 th -generation production technology to make modules of 40 inches, 46 inches and 57 inches. It is therefore in a position to take an early lead in the fast-growing market for large-screen, wall-hanging TVs.
The development of the 82-inch TFT-LCD marks the smooth launch of Samsung's and Sony's joint venture in S-LCD. The 7 th -generation line will begin mass production at the end of March.
Samsung Electronics will unveil its 82-inch TFT-LCD at CeBIT 2005, which opens in Hannover, Germany on March 10.
Samsung Electronics' LCD Lines


Substrate Size

Samsung Line

Main Products


370mm x 470mm


2-inch to 7-inch LCDs for mobile phones and PDAs


550mm x 650mm


Small- to mid-sized and note PC LCDs


600mm x 720mm


LCDs for note PCs (mainly 14.1-inch)


730mm x 920mm


15-inch, 17-inch LCDs for note PCs and monitors


1100mm x 1250mm


17-inch, 19-inch LCDs for monitors


1100mm x 1300mm


LCDs for monitors and TVs


1870mm x 2200mm

7-1 (S-LCD)

30-inch, 40-inch LCDs for TVs

PVA Technology

Patterned-ITO Vertical Alignment is a proprietary Samsung technology for achieving a wide viewing-angle. The liquid crystal molecules are originally aligned at 90 degrees vertically to the electrodes. The passage of an electric field deflects the liquid crystal molecules off-vertical, producing the required image. Similar to the multi-domain vertical alignment (VA), the liquid crystals are controlled by separating unit pixels into four domains.
S-PVA Technology

Samsung's patented Super PVA is an upgraded PVA liquid crystal cell technology. The cell architecture accommodates eight, rather than the conventional four crystals, so that the liquid crystal molecules can be controlled in eight different directions and angles. This capability greatly enhances the side viewing-angle of the LCD screen.
Color Saturation

This is a measurement of color purity and is compared against the NTSC (National Television Standard Committee) standard of 100. Commercial CRT TVs and LCD TVs normally have a color saturation of 72%, but a higher level is needed to achieve high-definition image quality.
TV Resolution Classifications

Standard Definition (SD):

640 x 480 pixels

4:3 aspect ratio

High Definition (HD):

1,366 x 768 pixels

16:9 aspect ratio

Full HD

1,920 x 1,080 pixels

16:9 aspect ratio

Specifications for Samsung's New 82-inch TFT-LCD


1,920 x RGB x 1,080 (Full HD)

Screen Size

82 inches (diagonal)

Aspect Ratio

16:9 (horizontal to vertical)


6.22 million (number of RGB sub-pixels)

Number of Colors

16.7 million shades (24-bit color)

Max Brightness

600 candela

Contrast Ratio


Color Saturation

92% of NTSC standard

Liquid Crystal Response Time

8ms (at maximum)

Viewing Angle

180° (all directions)

Module Size

1,875mm x 1,080mm x 45mm

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2004 parent company sales of US$55.2 billion and net income of US$10.3 billion. Employing approximately 123,000 people in 93 offices in 48 countries, the company consists of five main business units: Digital Appliance Business, Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business and Telecommunication Network Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing brands, Samsung Electronics is the world's largest producer of color monitors, color TVs, memory chips and TFT-LCDs. For more information, please visit www.samsung.com .

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