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SAMSUNG Teams with Microsoft to Develop First Hybrid Hard Drive with NAND Flash Memory

SEOUL, Korea, April 21, 2005 – Samsung Electronics
Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced
that its OneNAND™ Flash memory has been incorporated into the design
of Microsoft Corp.’s prototype Hybrid Hard Drive (HHD), the first
fully functional disk drive to combine NAND-based Flash with rotating
storage media. The hybrid drive, designed to work with the next version
of the Windows operating system, code-named “Longhorn,” is
being exhibited for the first time at the Windows Hardware Engineering
Conference (WinHEC) in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center
from April 25 to April 27.
Instead of replacing the HDD, the hybrid hard drive architecture incorporates
a small OneNAND device from Samsung that works within the hard disk’s
architecture. The hybrid device promises to leverage the benefits of magnetic
storage and solid state storage without compromising the cost of the computer
housing it. The ultra-high-density benefits of magnetic storage technology
are preserved, while the ultra-low-power, ultra-high-reliability and fast
read/write access of advanced NAND technology such as OneNAND enhances
the overall value of the hybrid drive at little or no additional cost.
Since late 2003, Microsoft has been working closely with Samsung to develop
the next generation of ultra-low-power disk drives for notebook computers.
The hybrid hard drive will eliminate costly inefficiencies caused by the
need for the hard disk drive to continue to spin whenever the computer
is on. Additionally, the hybrid drive design also can provide significantly
faster boot times when a computer running “Longhorn” computer
starts up.

“Hybrid drive architecture is extremely important to the future
design of mobile computers. It is an advancement that will improve the
performance and reliability of any computer using the Windows “Longhorn”
operating system. We are delighted with the performance in our initial
testing of the Samsung hybrid hard drive prototype,” said Tom Phillips,
General Manager of Windows Hardware Experience Group for Microsoft. “This
is another example of where Microsoft is working with the industry to
dramatically improve the overall Windows computing experience for our
The hybrid hard drive prototype uses 1 Gigabit OneNAND™ Flash as
both the write buffer and boot buffer. In the hybrid write mode, the mechanical
drive is spun down for the majority of the time, while data is written
to the Flash write buffer. When the write buffer is filled, the rotating
drive spins and the data from the write buffer is written to the hard
The hybrid drive saves power by keeping the spindle motor in idle mode
almost all the time, while the operating system writes to the OneNAND
write buffer. Moreover, by using OneNAND Flash with hard disk drive technology,
disk drive performance is not compromised relative to conventional disk
drives. This is due, in large part, to OneNAND’s ultra-fast read
speeds, which can be fully leveraged during the flushing of the contents
of OneNAND’s write buffer to the rotating drive. In addition, since
the Samsung hybrid disk drive operates at a lower temperature than traditional
rotating media, it greatly reduces the possibility of shock and impact
damage, improving the overall reliability of the disk subsystem.
While the cost of hybrid disk drives may slightly increase with the addition
of OneNAND, any increase will be mitigated by several factors, including
lower maintenance costs, 95 percent power savings when the disk is not
spinning, faster boot time and substantially increased reliability. All
of these changes are crucial to the ever increasing needs of today’s
mobile customer, making it likely that hybrid hard drive technology will
enjoy rapid market adoption.
“Through our collaboration with Microsoft, Samsung OneNAND Flash
memory supports the most advanced and cost-effective solution to enhance
the performance of a

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HDD in mobile computing. PC manufacturers will recognize the improved
performance and increased battery life made possible through the use of
NAND Flash technology,” said Jon Kang, senior vice president, technical
marketing group, Samsung Semiconductor.
The HHD prototype will be converted into products manufactured and marketed
by Samsung's HDD division as well as other HDD OEMs. Samsung’s OneNAND
will integrate with the HHD SOC via its NOR interface as a standalone
memory device or in a multi-chip package. Samsung and Microsoft have worked
together developing a robust set of ATA (advanced technology attachment)
commands that will be used to fine-tune the efficiency with which HHD
supportive software controls the Longhorn-based computer in which it is
“Samsung, in cooperation with Microsoft, will work aggressively
with drive manufacturers to transition the hybrid disk drive prototype
into world-class commercial products. When they take a close look, they
will find that OneNAND is the memory device most ideally suited for hybrid
hard drives,” said Ivan Greenberg, director of strategic marketing
for Samsung Semiconductor.
Samsung expects HHD-enabled notebooks to begin shipping in large quantities
in late 2006.

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