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September 01, 2006 in TV + Video News

SAMSUNG Electronics Launches Plasma TV with Clear Imagery in Any Environment!

Berlin, Germany - 1st September, 2006 : A 'black storm' is coming to the 2006 Plasma TV market, as Samsung Electronics released 4 models (Product name: PS42/50H, PS42/50P7HD) of FilterBright PlusTM Plasma TV utilizing the 'black panel' and 'FilterBrightTM' technologies.

The new products have improved the characteristic weaknesses in Plasma TVs, so that clear image quality can be enjoyed under bright lighting or in broad daylight as well as in dark situations.

Samsung achieved a more vivid picture by attaching optical films on the front glass filters. Unlike conventional plasma TVs with complete color coating on their glass panels, FilterBright PlusTM made it possible to block the external light without lowering the brightness through maximizing the internal light. As a result of Samsung's FilterBright PlusTM technology, viewers can enjoy the most vivid picture quality in any lighting conditions.

Samsung Electronics' new Plasma TV also contains the newly developed 'Smooth Motion Driver' technology. This technology corrects shaking or obscured outlines of moving images on the screen. As an example of how this can improve the picture, this feature refines the shuddering in subtitles when watching the news and creates clear fast-paced videos.

The exterior has a glossy black coating to emphasize the high quality of the product, and the invisible speakers mounted under the monitor create a sleek and simple look. These advanced designs were recognised by the world-renowned German design award, 'red dot'. This year, 41 countries submitted 2,068 entries in the competition; Samsung's Plasma TV was selected as a best of the best award in its category.

These new models come with more powerful connectivity. WISELINK offers extended "9-in-2" compatibility, enabling connection to nine different multi-memory cards with two slots. Addition to that USB and PictBridge are equipped with Printer Port. And two HDMI ports lets viewers simultaneously connect two devices with full signal transmission.

In addition, this product features an outstanding remote control with soft touch buttons that complements a sophisticated design, and it has made its mark as being environmentally friendly by earning the international standard, ENERGY STAR, by reducing standby power to under 1W.

"The most important factor that makes consumers buy large-screen digital TVs is the image quality" Sang-heung Shin, the Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics' Visual Display Division stated, "We plan to maintain our status of being the leader in digital TVs by continually introducing new Plasma TVs that possess sharp image quality and are suitable for multimedia, like watching sports or movies."

General Specifications

PS42/50H, PS42/50P7HD

Picture Quality Enhancement

FilterBrightTM Plus, Smooth Motion Driver, DNIe

Contrast Ratio




Number of Colors

549 Billion


Piano Glossy, Swivel Stand


2HDMI, 2x15W sound, USB, PictBridge

* Specifications are subject to change without notice

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