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September 07, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Shares the Spirit of the Olympic Games

SYDNEY - September 6, 1999 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its plans to invest $A310 million in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games with its world-wide Olympic marketing programs that will be activated across 40 countries.

As the official Wireless Communications Partner of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Samsung's total Olympic marketing program includes marketing within those 40 countries from September 1999 to October 2000 as well as on-site programs in Sydney during the Games period.

One of those on-site programs includes the creation of a Samsung Centre at the Sydney Olympic Park called Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung, to unite athletes and their families during the Games.

The Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung will be the only location at the Homebush Bay complex where competitors can meet in private with the people who have supported them from the outset of their sporting careers - parents, siblings and extended family.

It is just one element in Samsung's Olympic Marketing Program which aims to share the spirit of the Olympic Games with as many people as possible.

"Every athlete has a support team of professionals and family who are critical to their success," said Mr Yun, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics.
"All competitors would acknowledge the debt they owe their families for their support when confidence is low or at that moment when they set a personal best. And few families would begrudge the early starts in the pool or gym, the hours driving from one event to another, preparing special meals, washing and replacing equipment and kit when their family member qualifies for Olympic competition.

"Being an Olympian is special. For many, the Olympic Games represents "a once-in-a-lifetime" moment to enjoy the realisation of their dreams. The Olympic Games creates such a unique atmosphere, bringing together so many athletes from so many sports, just being there and being a part of it is a huge reward for the sacrifices that competitors and their families make.

"So it is only fitting that they should have a special place to come together and enjoy the fruits of all their labours."

Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung will be designed, decorated and equipped by Samsung with leading-edge Internet, satellite and wireless technology. Therefore, athletes without family support in Sydney have access to high speed communications to help them share the experience with their loved ones at home.

There will also be a facility for sports fans to leave voice messages of support and congratulations for their favourite athletes, and a daily event where athletes can have casts made of their handprints, which can be kept as a unique souvenir of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The handprints of World and Games record breakers will be displayed at Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung.

Good food and beverages, and a range of entertainment, cultural events and performances will make Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung a popular place to be.

Samsung recognises the important role the Olympic Games have played in facilitating communications between people from all over the world. It also strongly believes in the Sydney 2000 philosophy of "Share the Spirit" and wants to extend this to as many people as possible.

"The Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung will be the first place many athletes go once their event is complete," said Mr Il-Hyung Chang, Vice President and Head of Olympic Projects, Samsung Electronics.

"It will give them an opportunity to meet their competitors in a friendly atmosphere, to engage with athletes from other disciplines, and most importantly to share the excitement and passion of the Olympic Games with their loved ones. It is the latest Samsung initiative to help families and competitors enjoy the experience of the Olympics.

"Right next to the Olympic Rendezvous@Samsung will be another meeting place - our product showcase where "Everyone's Invited" to experience how Samsung products can help make life easier and more enjoyable. This is part of our new brand promise, "Samsung Digitall. Everyone's Invited", which embraces our belief that Samsung's digital technology can enhance everyone's lives. So Samsung will invite all the people of the world to experience our newest digital technology during the Games."

As official Wireless Communications Partner to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Samsung is providing fast and reliable wireless communications equipment, systems and support for use by athletes, officials, organisers and media. This will include about 25,000 cellular mobile phones, pagers and two-way radio systems/terminals along with service experts to provide technical support.

"In Nagano we introduced the Samsung "Share; the Moment Call" campaign which was a great success," said Mr Chang.

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