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October 04, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Develops Core Components, Handset and System for IMT-2000

SEOUL, Korea - October 4, 1999 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has become the world's first to complete development of technology for all aspects of the IMT-2000 wireless service. This includes Base Station System (BSS), Mobile Switching Center (MSC) and other system hardware as well as handsets for high-speed packet data and moving picture data transmission and core semiconductor chips.

Samsung has developed applications software and a Mobile Station Modem (MSM, model number: SCom4000), which is a core device that has long been the exclusive domain of Qualcomm, as well as other important chips used in the handsets, including Base Band Analog Processors (BBA, model number: SBAPR/T-4000) and radio frequency (RF, model number: SRFR/T-3000) modules.

The company assigned 700 top researchers involved in telecommunications at various group affiliates to the IMT-2000 project in order to develop the system, handsets, core semiconductors and software simultaneously. The 3-year project has cost KRW100 billion.

Features of IMT-2000 Handset
The IMT-2000 handset developed by Samsung can transmit packet data at 144Kbps, some ten times faster than that of conventional wireless handsets can. When the data is compressed in a packet form, transmission efficiency can be further increased from 4 to 400 times.

A more advanced model can transmit moving picture data at 15-20 frames per second, fast enough for high quality video through video on demand services and hi-fi music. In addition, digital cameras can be hooked up to the handset so users can take pictures at any location and send the images wirelessly to wherever they want.

Samsung has designed its IMT-2000 handset to be as efficient in power consumption as possible. It features standby time that is about 2.5 times longer than that found on a regular CDMA handset. The new product also has a talk-time that is 1.5 times longer.

The handsets for high-speed packet data will weigh 60-70g, while those for moving picture transmission are expected to weigh in at 90g. In the near future, lighter batteries will allow for the design of smaller and lighter handsets. Samsung plans to develop CDMA and IMT-2000 dual-mode products that are smaller and lighter than anything available today.

Details of IMT-2000 System Development
Samsung Electronics' IMT-2000 hardware is based on IS-2000 standards. Thus, it can be adopted directly by CDMA service providers. The cdma2000 system can accommodate around twice as much in voice capacity than current CDMA systems can.

The system backbone is based on asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology, enabling multimedia service capability (voice, high-speed packet data, graphics, still pictures and moving pictures).

Current CDMA service operates at 800MHz (cellular), 1.8GHz (PCS) and 1.9GHz (PCS in the US), while IMT-2000 will operate in the 2GHz range. Samsungs hardware can accommodate all these frequencies, which means it takes full advantage of networks that have already been established, minimizing new investment. Samsung has also developed the channel modem card, a core component, giving the company a greater price advantage that is expected to boost domestic and export sales.

Samsung Electronics IMT-2000 Strategy
Samsung Electronics will debut its new cdma2000 system and handsets at the Telecom 99 tradeshow held in Geneva, Switzerland, October 10-17. The company plans to provide the worlds first demonstration at the show.

Building upon this exposure, Samsung Electronics will link its IMT-2000 technical expertise to its overall marketing program to secure a leading position in the world IMT-2000 market, which will begin to form in mid-2000. Therefore, Samsung is scheduled to have commercialized products available in the second half of next year.

Sprint, the largest US operator of code division multiple access-personal communications services (CDMA-PCS), has already selected Samsung to deliver cdma2000 test equipment.

About Samsung
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with 1998 sales revenue of US$16.6 billion, is a world leader in the electronics industry. The Korea-based firm has operations in 46 countries and employs 42,000 people worldwide. The company consists of three main business divisions: Multimedia & Home Appliances, Semiconductors and Information & Telecommunications. For more information, visit the website, http://www.samsungelectronics.com

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