March 10, 2000 in Social Responsibility News

Exercise of voting right about the appointment of directors (March 10, 2000) (19:18)

1. Reporting companies and the number of shares with voting right

A. Daehan Investment Trust: 3,159,900 common shares

B. Tong Yang Orion Investment Trust: 654,278 common shares

C. Hi-Pro Securities Investment: 29,581 common shares

D. Hanwha Investment Trust: 87,531 common shares

E. Korea Developement Bank (trust): 88,450 common shares

F. LG Investment Trust: 413,577 common shares

G. Korea First Bank: 24,050 common shares

H. Hana Bank: 164,618 common shares

I. Cho Hung Investment Trust : 123,832 common shares

J. Jaeil Investment Trust: 625,937 common shares

K. Mirae Asset Investment Advisory: 891,864 common shares

L. KorAm Bank (trust): 153,700 common shares

M. Hyundai Investment Trust: 3,080,000 common shares

N. Hanvit Bank: 426,905 common shares

O. Hanvit Investmnet Trust: 77,270 common shares

P. Shinhan Bank: 266,294 common shares

Q. KEB Commerz Investment Trust: 61,931 common shares

R. Korea Investmnet Trust: 2,260,738 common shares

2. Agenda regarding voting right exercise

A. Name of the company: Samsung Electronics

B. Item: about the appointment of directors

C. Shareholders Meeting date: March 16, 2000(Thursday) 09:00

3. The results of voting right exercise: Appointment of directors

A. Daehan Investment Trust: Undecided

B. Tong Yang Orion Investment Trust: Support

C. Hi-Pro Securities Investment: Undecided

D. Hanwha Investment Trust: Undecided

E. Korea Development Bank(trust): Support

F. LG Investment Trust: Support

G. Korea First Bank: Support

H. Hana Bank: Support

I. Cho Hung Investment Trust: Support

J. Jaeil Investment Trust: Support

K. Mirae Asset Investment Advisory: Support

L. KorAm Bank(trust): Support

M. Hyundai Investment Trust: Support

N. Hanvit Bank: Support

O. Hanvit Investment Trust: Support

P. Shinhan Bank: Support

Q. Commerz Investment Trust: Support

R. Korea Investment Trust: Support

4. Report date: March 10, 2000

5. Other: The above detail is a public announcement made in accordance with the Law

on Securities Investment Trust

(The Supervisory Rules on Securities Investment Trust).

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