September 30, 2000 in Social Responsibility News

Olympic Visitors Vote Olympic Rendezvous @ SAMSUNG The Star Attraction

Sydney, September 30th 2000 --- Worldwide Olympic Partner, Samsung Electronics, is celebrating the success of Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung, the largest athlete and public entertainment centre in Sydney Olympic Park.

Samsung hosted and entertained over 1,081,657 visitors including athletes, their families and members of the public during its 16-day program.

According to research commissioned by Samsung with Taylor Nelson Sofres, Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung in Sydney Olympic Park proved a star attraction for athletes and their families, drawing more than 137,747 visits by athletes and their family members during the course of the Games.

82% of athletes surveyed believed that the private Athletes Centre contributed greatly to their enjoyment of the Games with 79% visiting up to four times per week. Athletes particularly enjoyed the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family in their home countries through free Internet access and free ‘Share the Moment’ mobile phone calls available at the centre.

More than 900,000 spectators were also hosted at Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung, attending daily entertainment events at the Rendezvous Plaza as well as experiencing Samsung’s mobile digital technology showcase.

94% of visitors surveyed believed that Samsung contributed greatly to the excitement of the Games and provided lasting memories by providing the opportunity to meet athletes, make free mobile phone calls and offering free entertainment.

The mobile digital technology showcase was the star attraction for 90% of visitors surveyed, the majority of whom had most fun with Samsung’s watch phone.

As well, over 42,000 free calls (126,000 minutes) have been made on Samsung Olympic Games phones through the Samsung ‘Share The Moment’ Call program.

“Our aim was to support athletes and their families as well as provide Olympic fans and visitors with entertaining and memorable Olympic experiences. We are delighted we have been able to contribute to the spirit and enjoyment of the Sydney 2000 Millennium Games”, Mr. Il-Hyung Chang, Vice President and Head of Olympic Projects for Samsung Electronics, said.

Highlights of Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung included:

Visits by world-class athletes including Michael Johnson (USA, Track & Field), Nancy Johnson (USA, Shooting), Inge De Bruijn (Netherlands, Swimming), Mike Powell (USA, Long Jump world record holder), Susie O’Neill (Australia, Swimming), Todd Pearson (Australia, Swimming), Nova Peris-Kneebone (Australia, Athletics), Matt Welsh (Australia, Swimming), Brad McGee (Australia, Cycling), Terence Parkin (South Africa, Swimming), Liu Guoliang(China, Table Tennis), Bong-Ju Lee (Korea, Marathon), Sandra Piresand Adriana Samuel(Brazil, Beach Volleyball)

- More than 8,000 athletes and 18,000 athlete family members registered for the Athletes Centre

- Daily Olympic Aid auctions that raised AUD $142,337.65 to date - and are expected to reach more than $160,000 - for refugee children around the world. Michael Johnson also donated one of his golden track shoes

- More than 145 handprints from Olympic medallists at daily handprinting ceremonies. At the completion of the Games, all handprints will be donated to the Australian Olympic Committee as a permanent legacy of the Sydney 2000

- 78 World of Entertainment Cultural performances by more than 960 performers

- More than 35,000 spectators enjoyed 80 Digital Interlude performances from an international cast of performance artists

Highlights of Other Samsung Olympic Programs included:

- More than 72,000 spectators visited Samsung Digital @ Rocks, Samsung’s fun and interactive information and exhibition centre situated in a heritage-listed building in Sydney’s historic Rocks district

- Samsung Athletes’ Family Host 2000 program has enabled nearly 1,500 athlete family members from 123 countries to come to Sydney. They have been hosted for an average of eight days each by nearly 1000 Sydney-siders, all of whom have given their hospitality free.

- More than 4,000 athletes visited the Samsung Rendezvous Lounge in the Olympic Village


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