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April 17, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS Accomplished a Splendid Achievement Exportation to Asia.

… Aiming to Capture the Asian & American Markets Along with "Telematics," the Remote
Information System inside Automobiles
… Automobiles Leap into Prominence as a Network Medium in the 21st Century

Capture the Market of Automotive Dealer Management Systems in Japan, the Superpower in the Automobile Industry!
Samsung SDS (CEO: Kim Hong-Ki) announced on March ( ) 18 it had succeeded in making "Autoline" (automotive dealer management system) into packages that integrate maintenance services, after-sales services, customer management, and accounting systems related to the car sales business, reaching $10 million in exports to Asian markets, including Japan.

Samsung SDS has accumulated know-how of the system through the development and customization of the Korean version of "Autoline,"the exclusive dealer system from U.K.-based Kerridge Computer Company (CEO: Richard Bennett), when it took charge of constructing the system for Samsung Motors in 1996. Currently, Samsung SDS has developed the Japanese and Chinese versions and acquired the distributorship for the Asian markets from Kerridge Computer Company.

"Autoline" consists of five total sections:
▶ Marketing field that supports customer management, vehicle management, and the master management of parts and services,
▶ Showroom field for sales support,
▶ Service field that administers periodical vehicle management and the substance of works and operation personnel in an establishment,
▶ Parts field that supports parts management, and
▶ Account field that supports accounting management.
Its excellence was recognized in 1999 as it was selected as the global-standard dealer package of DaimlerChrysler in Germany.

The customers Samsung SDS has secured are Yanase & Co., the largest Japanese car importer; Volvo Cars Japan Corporation; Chrysler Japan Sales Ltd.; and car importers in Taiwan and Singapore. Samsung SDS has a 14% market share in the world automobile market and 67% in Asia. There will be tight competition for the rest of the market share as the automotive dealer management systems industry is valued at $9 million.

Thus, while planning to make full use of offensive business strategies targeting automobile manufacturers as well as existing importers (according to the global standardization movement of dealer management systems), Samsung SDS is aiming to achieve its sales goal of thirteen million dollars in 2001 by upgrading the product into a comprehensive information system for the automobile business with the introduction of "Autoline-Web Base" that can cope with the rapidly changing IT environment.

At the same time, Samsung SDS and Kerridge Computer Company has consolidating their efforts to co-penetrate Kerridge's American market in a relatively vulnerable area compared with its European markets. Further, they are also planning to work together on an overseas marketing plan by selecting those fields in which both companies can collaborate on solutions and IT technologies owned by each company.

A staff member at Samsung SDS said, "The 'Autoline' solution, 90% of which is sold in overseas markets, is the standard bearer in our overseas market-oriented business to which the company is giving priority in 2001. And the market is expanding by integrating the sales systems of each company with the advent of the grand-mega-merger era in which world major automobile manufacturers are merged and acquired into one another."

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