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SAMSUNG Electronics Introduces World's First "Web Video Phone" Based on H.323 Protocol

Nov 11, 1997

- Connects through both Internet and PSTN network for audio/video communications: supports both H.323 and H.324. - Provides Interoperatability among products and applications from multiple vendors, and between networks with LAN capacity. - International and long-distance telephone calls can be made at the regular/local rates via the Internet. - Enables Internet and Email access, and Home Shopping/Banking.

SEOUL, Korea - November 17, 1997 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will exhibit at COMDEX its finalized model of the 'Web Video Phone': a highly sophisticated but simple and well equipped multimedia device of the Webphone category, based on the H.323 protocol. The H.323 is the latest of recommendations acknowledged by the ITU(International Telecommunications Union) as the most ideal of standards available within the current as well as the future industry of Internet Telephony; providing a strong foundation for audio, video, and data communication across IP based networks as well.

'Limitless compatibility' is the most significant competitive edge for the Samsung Web Video Phone: the adaptation of the H.323 Protocol allows its product to support a vast majority of multimedia devices, and applications from various vendors. Thus, a larger group of audience from all sides of the industry can be absorbed, and new channels of business opportunity stimulated -- especially for the Intetrnet Service Providers. Also, besides its Internet/Email access, and Video Conferencing capabilities, the cost for long distance and international telephone calls can be saved -- at the equivalent of its local rates which is a huge benefit for all users -- and if connected to a system with LAN capacity, the call is free.

The physical attributes of the Web Video Phone comes with a large keyboard for writing and sending Email messages, a 5.6 inch color LCD display with touch screen to enable Internet browsing, and Home Banking/Shopping. Additional features include the Card Reader, video teleconferencing with built in camera, Call Waiting, and PIMS(Personal Information Management System) -- all to serve simplicity and convenience. Furthermore, adaptation of its independently developed software for the Web Browser, the Email, and the Internet Phone has already been completed, with Sun Microsystems's Personal Java soon to be finalized.

"The telephone has been a basic, inseparable necessity of communication. However, living in an age of the information and rapid change, such conventional mechanisms are no longer sufficient in supporting, and most of all satisfying the needs of today's consumers," said Hee Joon Park, President of Information and Telecommunications Division of Samsung Electronics. "Thus, we believe our Web Video Phone with the H.323 Protocol will be the ideal embodiment of such needs -- cost efficient with sophisticated simplicity!"

The Samsung Web Video Phone based on H.323 creates a new category for IP Telephony industry, and furthermore, a positive stimulus for new business opportunities.

Samsung's Web Video Phone will be presented at COMDEX (Booth #L1647) this month, and the actual plans to start its global commercialization of the product will begin from the third quarter of 1998.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a US $19 billion flagship company of Korean-based the Samsung Group, is a world leader in electronics, with operations in more than 60 countries.

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