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SAMSUNG Aerospace Receives Large Order for Jumbo Jet Engine Parts

Mar 03, 1998

SEOUL, Korea - March 3, 1998 - Samsung Aerospace Industries, Ltd., (SSA) has recently been making advances in overseas markets for aircraft engine parts, including a major order for jumbo jet engine parts from General Electric Company (GE). Samsung and GE have concluded a 5-year agreement to supply turbine blades for jumbo jets. The turbine blades are for the CF6-80C engines used on Boeing 747s and 767s as well as on the Airbus A300s and A310s.
Turbine blades are used on engines for both aircraft and ships. Their role is to convert combusted air under very high pressure and 2,000? heat into rotational power. Samsung managed to win the order from GE in a hotly contested international tender thanks to the technology and experience gained by participating in the Korea Fighter Program for producing F-16 fighters. GE's selection of Samsung is recognition of Samsung's technological expertise.

Samsung Aerospace now expects to receive at least US$100 million in additional orders for aircraft engine parts from major engine makers. Samsung is also working to expand cooperation with European aircraft engine makers as part of efforts to expand its presence in overseas markets.

Samsung Aerospace Industries, Ltd., a US$1.63 billion unit of the US$93 billion Samsung Group ('96), is a leader in aerospace and opto-electronics. Established in 1977 to overhaul and assemble aircraft engines, Samsung Aerospace employs today over 8,500 people and is the only company in Korea capable of producing a wide range of different aircraft. For more information, please visit