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Purchase a Samsung ProXpress M4583FX Printer from participating resellers and receive a free set of licenses for the full suite of Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions ($413.99 retail value)—including SmarThru™ Workflow Lite, SecuThru™ Lite 2, Cloud Connector, Secure Login Manager and Usage Tracker. Licenses are active for the life of the product and come with 1 year of product updates and support.*

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SMBs need custom configurable workflow solutions that meet their specific document requirements while maintaining high security and productivity. Because SMBs typically lack the resources of enterprise businesses, finding easy and affordable document management is a high priority. Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions provide the essential suite of offerings to create a seamless document workflow experience.

Samsung Business Core Printing Solutions provide heightened productivity, cost-efficiency, security, ease of use and simplified maintenance, all tailored to SMBs. Included in the Business Core Printing Solutions are two packages, Document Management and Output Management.

Business Core™ Printing Solutions


Document Management includes three versatile solutions that provide SMBs with increased productivity, easy management, and enhanced security for devices and data. These solutions streamline workflow and improve usability, allowing businesses to be more efficient and effective.

Automatically distributes scanned documents to multiple predetermined destinations to reduce manual and repetitive document work. Additionally, transmits scanned documents to locations based on zonal text content or barcode scans.

Prints from, and scans to, various cloud services by using a variety of file formats, saving users valuable time.

Protects access to MFP devices from unauthorized users by using several different methods of secure authentication.


The Output Management Pack includes two unique solutions for cost-effective, secure print operations without use of a server. The easy-to-install, easy-to-manage solutions allow for enhanced document security, control over printing expenses and visibility of savings.

Safeguards confidential documents and company data with secure authentication and protected release. Reduces printing costs by eliminating unclaimed print jobs.

Controls and reduces printing expenses by easily and intuitively tracking all of the device usage. Sends custom configurable email notifications for remote proactive monitoring.


Samsung SmarThru™ Workflow Lite is an automated document capturing, scanning, and routing solution that creates a seamless and intuitive infrastructure for repetitive digital document handling. It enables users to capture, process, and distribute documents digitally, which is a core component for operating an optimized business environment.

One-Touch Scanning to Distribution

Documents can be scanned from a device and distributed to predefined destinations automatically without a server by creating a work form. When repetitive work is defined, it can be streamlined with the One-Touch scanning feature on the printer panel. Users can send a captured document to multiple predefined destinations with just one scanning conversion, improving productivity by removing tedious work. Plus, with easy access to digital files, the time and effort spent searching for paper documents is virtually eliminated.

Fax Routing

For enhanced workflow, SMBs can automatically distribute faxes to predetermined locations by manually categorizing locations using metadata or caller ID. For example, incoming faxes can be automatically categorized by using the caller ID. This feature is a time-saver when all faxes received from a specific client need to be sent to one individual or a specific group. By entering the client’s fax number, Metadata can be handled in much the same way, greatly enhancing workflow efficiency.

Zone-OCR and Barcode Recognition

SmarThru Workflow Lite supports OCR, an optical character recognition feature that reads and translates scanned character images into character codes. Once captured, documents can be routed to predetermined destinations based on text content in document zones using Zone-OCR, or based on barcode scans using the barcode recognition function. Samsung OCR and Zone-OCR, standard features with this solution, provide broad support for 27 languages allowing accurate document conversion and processing. Businesses can save resources by eliminating the need for an additional server, gaining the added benefit of automated save folder naming and creation by Zone-OCR and of automated naming of saved files by barcode recognition.


With the Samsung Cloud Connector solution, users can directly scan to and print from the Cloud. Users can also preview the content before uploading to the Cloud.

Easy, Secure Access to the Cloud

Cloud Connector supports a variety of Cloud services and provides an easy way to upload, scan, and access content for printing directly without an additional server. Supported Cloud services include Google® Drive and Microsoft® Sharepoint® Online. Additional Cloud services will be supported as they become available.

Secure authentication and authorization for Google® Drive online storage service is provided by the use of OAuth 2.0 for secure file access.

Support for Various File Formats and Cloud Services

Cloud Connector can accept PDF, TIFF, and XPS scans and can print PDF and Google® Drive formats.

With the ability to support various file formats and services including Microsoft® Sharepoint® Online and Google® Drive, Cloud Connector allows users to achieve the most efficient and convenient experience possible.

Scan (Upload)PDF (Secure, Searchable and Compact), XPS, TIFF, JPG

Print (Download)PDF (Secure, Searchable and Compact), TIFF, JPG

Scan (Upload)PDF (Secure, Searchable and Compact), XPS, TIFF, JPG

Print (Download)PDF (Secure, Searchable and Compact), TIFF, JPG, Google® Drive Apps content (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings)


In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is essential that companies protect valuable devices from unauthorized access and use. To ensure that only authorized users log in to the systems, Samsung has developed Secure Login Manager. This authentication security solution supports a variety of authentication methods and types for SMBs.

Secure Authentication

Protect access and usage of your valuable MFP devices from unauthorized personnel with secure login authentication. Only authorized users will be able to access permitted functions.

Flexible User Access

Secure Login Manager supports a variety of authentication types, including ID/PW, proximity card* and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The optimal access method can then be chosen based on the situation and preference of each SMB.


The modern SMB requires much more than high-quality network printing and multifunction devices. Business and IT managers demand productive solutions that handle document output effectively and securely while keeping costs under control.

Samsung SecuThru™ Lite 2 raises business print environment security to the same high level as that of the overall IT infrastructure, quickly and cost-effectively.

Secure Authentication and Release

SecuThru Lite 2 provides secure authentication and release of documents. When the user sends a document to a printer, all jobs are temporarily stored in the device securely through encryption. Once the authorized user provides authentication, the document is then released. By utilizing this safe and efficient user authentication flow, enterprise level security can be professionally supported.

Serverless, Secure Pull Printing

Equipped with secure pull printing, SecuThru Lite 2 ensures only authorized users can pull documents from up to 10 compatible devices connected to the network. Safely and conveniently allows sharing of print jobs while protecting confidential documents. Delivers print jobs securely, only to authorized users, through a flexible authentication process supporting up to 500 users.

Reduced Printing Costs

This output management solution helps SMBs reduce printing costs by providing pull printing capabilities that reduce paper usage from unclaimed printouts.

Additionally, the solution allows SMBs to save expenses by eliminating the costly need for an additional server.


Samsung Usage Tracker solution provides the ability to remotely manage and monitor functionality of multiple devices, which offers a big advantage to any business. This advantage is especially important for SMBs that need to keep operating costs at a minimum.

Printing-Cost Tracking

With the Usage Tracker tool, easily track printing and copying counts and cost, as well as scanning and faxing counts without a server. Conveniently utilize the touch screen user-interface of a compatible device for intuitive right-away tracking of one or multiple devices integrated in the network environment.

The solution also creates historical or current time based reports.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor device usage from a central location with email notifications. By proactively monitoring print device and function usage, IT staff can more efficiently manage their print environments. IT managers can aggregate reports on up to 10 compatible devices.


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