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Samsung+ Overview

Who is eligible for Samsung+?

  • All US-based Samsung account holders who have registered at least one Samsung mobile or tablet device.

What is Samsung+ about?

  • Samsung+ gives you instant access to world class customer support, plus insider access to discounts and offers on Samsung products and benefits you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Points are given for each Samsung device registered, and for use of select products and applications.
  • Your points earned contribute toward eligibility for Samsung+ Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. The points do not have monetary value.
  • Each level provides customers with a select menu of offers to support you as you discover more about your device.
  • All the terms and conditions of your Samsung account apply to Samsung+.

How do you earn points for Samsung+?

  • Register your Samsung device with Samsung (through your Samsung Account or in the Samsung+ device application) and earn points according to the schedule found on Table 1. All mobile and tablet devices registered earn a minimum of 500 points. Any devices you may have registered starting in December 2003 forward are counted toward your Lifetime points.
  • You may earn additional points by:
    • Signing up for Samsung+ application on your device (Click here for Samsung+ Application terms of service)
    • 100 per device
    • Purchasing Samsung Protection Plus(SM) Mobile Elite
    • 1,000 per 2-year term
    • Opting in for email communications from Samsung
    • 500 per account
  • The manner in which you may earn points is subject to change from time to time at Samsung’s discretion. Points previously earned prior to change will not expire.

Table 1

Samsung Device Product
Launch Date1
Points Earned if registered within:
6 mo 7 to 12 mo 13 to 24 mo After 24 mo
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1 Launch dates noted above are the earliest possible launch dates based on global release. However, your carrier launch dates may be later and your points will be based off the carrier’s later launch date.

If you do not see your device listed above and would like to know more about your points accumulated, please reach out to our live support agent in the Samsung+ application Support tab.

How do you get to Silver, Gold, or Platinum level?

  • Table 2 describes the minimum number of points necessary to get to each level. While the accumulation of points earned can bring you to the next level, a combination of both lifetime and calendar year points is required to maintain your status in the program. Each point earned will be counted towards your lifetime points, which do not expire. However, once you have reached the minimum number of lifetime points, you must continue to earn the minimum number of calendar year points to maintain your status.
  • If at any time you delete your Samsung account, you will lose your accumulated points.

Table 2

Tier Level Minimum Lifetime Points Minimum Calendar Year Points
Platinum 30,000 10,000
Gold 15,000 8,000
Silver 500 0

How do you maintain your Silver, Gold, or Platinum status?

  • Each level requires a combination of lifetime and current calendar year’s points as demonstrated in Table 2.
  • Failure to meet calendar year points may result in a drop to the next lower level.


What are the benefits currently available at Silver Level?

As a registered Samsung Account owner, you will enjoy the rewards and convenience of our premium customer service offerings, including:

  • Video chat help, 7 days a week
  • Personal video chat tutorials, device setup and troubleshooting (available for Samsung+ users)
  • Access to workshops and hands-on product demonstrations


What benefits are currently available at Gold Level?

As a valued Samsung Account owner, you’ve earned preferred status and will have priority access to your premium customer service offerings in addition to the offerings for Silver customers above, including:

  • Service representatives dedicated exclusively for Gold Level customers
  • Access to new product "Sneak Peeks"


What benefits are currently available at Platinum Level?

High five! At Platinum level, you’ve reached the pinnacle of distinction, and premier status among the exclusive 1% of Samsung Account owners. In appreciation for your continued support and valuable loyalty, you’ll enjoy the rewards of platinum status with highly personalized service and benefits in addition to what are available to Silver and Gold customers, including:

  • Eligibility for consideration to participate in limited invitation-only device trial programs*
  • "Personal Concierge" service for Platinum customers

*Available device trials are very limited; participants are invited solely at Samsung's discretion

Samsung reserves the right to change or update these offerings at its sole discretion at any time.